Alcohol poisoning and home treatment

Any alcohol in small doses is always pleasant. The mood rises, the state of health improves, the body is filled with energy. However, if you go too far with the use of alcoholic beverages, the sensations in the body become directly opposite . Depression, lack of mood, high blood pressure, nausea and other side effects after ethyl alcohol poisoning. Excessive consumption of any alcohol is a scourge of modern society. Many people lack a culture of drinking and, if a person is in such a state, what should he do. How to get rid of or treat severe intoxication. So, we decide the question: alcohol poisoning complex treatment at home.

Drink at the festive table

If we consider the problem in two dimensions, with footnotes and subparagraphs: poisoning after short-term alcohol consumption and after a binge – the difference, even at first glance, is obvious. When a person feels poisoning of the body with ethanol, for example, at home, after a party or a holiday, he, as a rule, does not think about calling an ambulance. Intoxication with ethyl alcohol products, in this case, is insignificant even if he drank half a liter of vodka. After all, any decent feast automatically implies snacks:  

  • high-calorie sandwiches;
  • nutritious salads;
  • second courses with a high content of fats and carbohydrates;
  • juices, mineral water.

All this is on the table and a rare guest, and even more so the owner, will ignore such a tasty treat, which means that the impact on the body of harmful substances of alcohol decomposition will also decrease. After such a feast, the poisoning is insignificant, so elementary detoxification measures will be required here.

First of all, in the morning you need to understand what kind of help, treatment will be required. If the urge to effusion is present, it is imperative to go to the toilet and throw out the entire contents of the stomach. Drinking plenty of fluids is perfect for these purposes. Drink at least two liters of water and after a while try to induce vomit.

Farther. After poisoning the body with alcohol, find a home first-aid kit and take activated charcoal at the rate of one tablet per 10 kilograms of weight. If you have a headache, find something for migraines and poor health ( Patnogam , Picamilon , Mexidol ). You can take two aspirin tablets. It is an excellent blood thinner. Also, to get rid of intoxication will help:

  • contrast shower (cool water will invigorate the tired body);
  • breakfast with high-calorie foods (carbohydrates, fiber, proteins, minerals);
  • tea with sugar and lemon (intake of vitamin “C”, sucrose, glucose into the body);
  • a walk in the fresh air (oxygenation of the blood).

The detoxification undertaken will certainly help the depleted body and get rid of alcohol poisoning.

If you drink without a snack

And what to do if the holidays were held at home, in splendid isolation and with a meager snack. In most cases, men or women who drink often fall into the insidious trap of intoxication. They, as a rule, do not think about the consequences, since they consider their body hardened for all sorts of force majeure situations, but in reality everything proceeds differently.

To consume alcohol practically without a snack, that is, to divide one cucumber into four with several liters of vodka or cheap wine is a betrayal of one’s own body. And he, by the way, will reciprocate in the morning, expressed in terrible headaches, terrible nausea and heartburn, small or large tremors in the hands and knees, fragility throughout the body. That is, from yesterday’s, pleasant intimate conversation with understanding, only memories will remain. After such poisoning, detoxification will be required for the whole day. It may even be necessary to treat the poisoning the next day.

But, what to do, such people need help as well. It is possible to relieve severe withdrawal symptoms by all of the above methods, but most individuals who prefer urban flora to a festive table see another treatment – taking a small dose of alcohol on their chest. In principle, even doctors admit the idea that it is possible to partially remove all unpleasant syndromes with a drink.

  1. A small dose of alcohol (150 grams of vodka, a liter of beer) will regulate malfunctions in the body. After ethanol enters the bloodstream, it normalizes blood pressure, relieves headaches and tremors in the body, and soothes the heart.
  2. Drinking alcohol, as a rule, gives rise to appetite, and in this case it is simply necessary to eat a hearty meal.
  3. A small dose of alcohol will provide a burst of energy, and this is important, since after poisoning you need to walk in the fresh air.

Essentially, moderate intake of good alcohol and concurrent detoxification will restore normal well-being.

Emergency care after binge

It is much more difficult to revive the body after prolonged alcohol poisoning. Treatment at home will take more than one day and here the question of what to do should end with immediate assistance. A weekly or monthly binge actually brings all biological structures of a person to a dying state, their complete stop. This is especially true of the heart and the entire cardiovascular system. A person who has been drinking long and hard, trying, in the end, to thrust a virtual sword into the cold body of a green serpent, is in critical condition.

Every cell is poisoned with ethanol, not to mention the blood, and here the best solution would be to hospitalize the patient in the narcological department. However, not every alcoholic is burning with such a desire to treat the consequences of hard drinking in the walls of the hospital. And in many cases this service is not free. Therefore, below are recommendations, actions, how to relieve alcohol malaise at home. First aid should be provided quickly and efficiently.

A man, after a binge, is going through not the best days in his life. And he must understand that getting rid of all the torment at home, at once, will not work.

After prolonged consumption of alcohol, severe intoxication develops, and treatment will take a long time. Based on the experience of people who had to go through all the “delights” after a binge period at home, it makes sense to emphasize the most important points.

After a long booze, you can not go either to the bathhouse or to the sauna. High temperatures in a steamed room and high blood pressure are opposite things. A person from such procedures will easily die without having time to wash. Even a contrast shower at home is contraindicated for many alcoholics. It is taken on the 3-4th day of detoxification. Well, the very first aid, what to do, looks like this.

Proven folk remedies

Treatment of headache, general weakness, nausea and tremors in the early days is carried out with a small amount of alcohol. You can take a bottle of vodka from the store, but only if it is made in compliance with all the rules, that is, it is of high quality. If you are not sure, it is better to buy a beer. Singe vodka will create the opposite effect in the body. That is, the poisoning will increase significantly. Therefore, beer in this vein is the best medicine.

It is also important not to buy a high-alcohol beverage. Treatment should proceed with weak beer (up to 4.7%). If the binge lasted for weeks, at the initial stage of recovery, it is better not to ignore the ancient drink. Weak alcohol will normalize jumping pressure, stabilize blood and heart activity, speed up metabolism, and awaken appetite. If you don’t feel like eating at all or you are not able to eat, beer contains many healthy calories that will support a depleted body.

Before you drink beer at home in sips, and this is how you struggle with a hangover at home and other side effects, the stomach should be cleared. Drink water in order to run to the toilet several times, alternately causing vomit. Only when the stomach has been emptied can the body begin to heal. It is clear that one day after prolonged intoxication cannot be eliminated.

Here, the question of what to do next can be answered quite unequivocally – after drinking an alcoholic drink, be sure to eat for 2-3 days, a lot, hearty and sleep longer . At first, the body will do one thing, cleanse itself by all means of ethanol products. Therefore, you need to be prepared for frequent urges, namely, stock up on toilet paper and great patience.

Many who faced the problem of alcohol poisoning at home came out of binge drinking without any medication and the help of narcologists. After a strong desire to quit drinking, they stayed at home and underwent treatment as described above. Ignoring various pills and drugs, these people explained by their unwillingness to destroy their body. And they are somewhat right.

Safe powders, potions and pills have not yet been invented, and any drug, one heals, and the other cripples. And against the background of unfounded fears, getting rid of unpleasant effects with the help of beer, using it as a treatment, is not something absurd or delusional. In this matter, a person must decide for himself whether to be treated with the help of traditional medicine or entrust his health to drugs of the narcological spectrum.

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