Alcoholic drinks do not harm the figure

It is widely believed that alcohol can recover from alcohol, as it contains a large amount of sugar. Meanwhile, Texas experts have established that alcohol is completely harmless to the figure.

People who prefer to drink within reasonable limits are, on average, less overweight than fans of sober lifestyles. In the course of studying data on eight thousand people, it was concluded that regularly drinking people are 55% less likely to suffer from overweight and obesity than convinced teetotalers. It doesn’t matter what kind of alcohol you drink.

Experts cannot yet answer the question of what this is connected with, because in reality alcohol is very high in calories. Presumably, the body digests alcohol in a slightly different way, which allows excess calories not to be stored in the body.

The authors of the study warn that alcohol will not harm the figure only if consumed wisely. With alcohol abuse, the opposite effect will be obtained, since with the development of alcoholism, the ability to quickly process fats is reduced. In addition, when drunkenness is inhibited the secretion of hormones responsible for the feeling of satiety.

When choosing an alcoholic beverage, experts recommend choosing those drinks that have no color, that is, rum, gin or vodka. You can mix such alcohol with low-calorie carbonated drinks.

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