Alcoholic psychosis

Alcoholic psychosis has been known for a very long time, but for a long time it was not perceived as a disease, so it never occurred to anyone to take to treat a person in such a state. He was just temporarily isolated. At present, chronic alcoholism is considered to be a difficult to cure disease that must be fought. Because due to alcoholic psychosis, pathological transformations in the central nervous system can occur.

This condition arises from the negative influence of the decay products of alcohol after a long binge. In addition, mental stress develops.

As a rule, alcoholic psychosis threatens those people who have a genetic predisposition to this pathology.

A similar condition can be provoked by prolonged, for 3-5 years, the use of alcohol in large doses, which causes metabolic disorders and damage to internal organs.

Alcohol is a great danger for teenagers. Energy drinks are now in great demand among young people. With an incompletely formed nervous system, the human body quickly gets used to alcohol, which in the future can provoke alcoholic psychosis.

A person suffering from alcoholic psychosis is characterized by an abrupt change in mood for a short time. In addition, the patient has hallucinations. He constantly tries to wave his arms, hide, catch someone, shake the bed linen. He begins to delirium, and his delusions fully reflect his visions.

Varieties of alcoholic psychosis
As a rule, in 75% of all cases, there is a white hot spot , or, in scientific words, alcoholic delirium. This type of psychosis develops with a sharp refusal from alcohol. The beginning of this condition is the depression of the patient, a sharp change in mood, worsening night sleep, increased sweat separation.

In the daytime, a person can do his work, however, with the onset of the evening, he becomes sharply worse, and at night hallucinations occur, accompanied by a state of chills, fever, redness of the face.

Hallucinations are usually visual and quite vivid. The patient sees insects crawling, snakes, running small, and sometimes large animals, teasing devils. In addition, it seems to him that insects crawl on him and bite him. A person tries to escape from them, hiding, or, on the contrary, begins to fight with them, collects insects from his clothes, bed, etc. The
appearance of auditory hallucinations is no exception – voices scolding the patient and threatening him. He tries to have a conversation with them, starts making excuses, arguing, swearing. Sometimes the patient hears the orders that he is trying to carry out.
Experiencing his hallucinations as a reality, a person in salvation from a visionary enemy can jump out of the window. Sometimes patients can become aggressive and pose a danger to others, and they can feel fear or fall into a dreary state and lay hands on themselves.
A patient in this state becomes dangerous for society and for himself, therefore, his treatment should be carried out in a medical facility under the supervision of specialists. For the period of treatment, alcohol consumption is completely excluded. The main objectives of therapy are to rid the patient of insomnia, to remove alcohol intoxication and reduce arousal.

Before the arrival of the ambulance, the patient must be put to bed, if necessary, then tied to it and, to relieve intoxication, give a little clean water to drink. 

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