Beer has a positive effect on the heart and blood vessels, scientists have proven

A new study has been conducted by a group of scientists, in which it was found that beer can have a positive effect on the heart. This conclusion was made by scientists after having analyzed over 200 scientific papers on the effect of the intoxicated drink on the human body.

Scientists have found that moderate consumption of beer has a positive effect on all organs of the cardiovascular system. This effect is achieved due to the action of special groups of useful chemical compounds. As part of the experiment, scientists also managed to identify such categories of people who are prohibited from drinking beer as a preventive measure.

According to scientists, the results of a meta-analysis of more than 200 previously conducted studies indicate the therapeutic effect of a hop drink, which is not inferior to good wine. For example, beer regulates metabolism and stimulates other important processes. Although there are restrictions regarding the consumption of beer. It is not recommended to drink for those who are predisposed to alcoholism, as well as those who are at risk of developing cancer.

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