Causes of hand shake

Hand shake is quite common. The causes of hand shake can be very different. At the same time, all the causes of hand tremors are divided into medical, physical and psychological. Establishing the cause of hand tremors is of great importance, since the basis for this will be the treatment. And, among other things, different specialists can deal with the treatment of hand tremors, depending on the cause of this pathological phenomenon.  

Hand shake causes – physical stress

Hand tremors may occur after strenuous physical exercise or after intense physical labor. This reaction of the body is a transient phenomenon. As soon as the body’s strength is restored, the shaking of the hands will disappear.

Hand shake causes – emotional distress

Non-medical causes of hand tremors include tremors of the limbs due to intense emotional distress. If you regularly experience hand tremors due to strong excitement, it is still worth contacting a specialist.

People who are overly emotional may suffer from hand tremors all the time. After the person begins to calm down, the shaking of the hands gradually disappears. However, any other new excitement can cause an even more intense tremor of the upper limbs. This pathological phenomenon is usually considered as a violation of the nervous system, which is referred to in medicine as a tremor of hysterical origin.

Hand shake causes – depression

With the development of depression, as a rule, not only hands begin to tremble. In general, all movements acquire sharpness and impetuosity. The person himself becomes unable to control the movements of his hands. If a person suspects the development of depression, then it is necessary to observe yourself for a couple of weeks. If it is noted that hand tremors are constantly observed, then this condition is not considered as normal. The person must undergo a medical examination and receive specialist advice.

Hand shake causes – alcoholism

Excessive alcohol consumption can cause hand shake. With the development of alcoholic tremor, as a rule, there is a shaking of the fingers of an outstretched hand spread apart. In addition, the tremor affects the tongue and facial muscles. The reason for the trembling of hands can also consist in a strong intoxication of the body with alcohol. Alcohol poisoning happens to a person, regardless of gender and age, the amount of alcohol consumed is not even taken into account – this is all purely individual. With the development of acute alcohol intoxication in a person, not only hand tremors are noted, but also a strong violation of the coordination of movements of the whole body, vomiting opens. A person in this condition needs an ambulance.

Hand shake causes – old age

Many elderly people suffer from hand tremors even when they are at rest. If the limbs, quietly sitting on their knees, make circular movements, then such hand shake is usually considered as one of the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. According to statistics, this pathology, as a rule, affects people aged fifty-seven.

Other causes of hand tremors can be fever with hypothermia, excessive consumption of coffee, genetic inheritance and other pathologies, for example, an infectious lesion of the cerebellum or disruptions in the hormonal background, pathology of the thyroid gland, etc. Due to the variety of causes of hand tremors, it is necessary to undergo an examination in a timely manner to prescribe an adequate treatment.

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