Future alcoholics love sweets

Scientists from the United States of America have found that
future alcoholics and people prone to depression love sweets most of all . The researchers
made a number of assumptions that they decided to test. Sweets and alcohol
act in a similar way on many body systems. Including the brain. For
this reason, an increased love for sweets can be observed in children in whose family
alcohol is abused. 

The experiment involved three hundred children aged
five to twelve years. They were offered to choose one of the presented drinks,
which they like the most to their taste. The drinks were water with
varying sucrose concentrations. In addition, the children were interviewed to identify
symptoms of depression. The parents and relatives of the children told about cases of alcoholism
in the family.

49% of children were found to be alcoholics among relatives, and
25% showed signs of depression. About 40% of children with depression
preferred the sweetest drink on offer. They also had
problems with alcohol in the family. The rest of the children chose a less sweet drink.
However, scientists came to the conclusion that it is impossible to speak unequivocally about love for sweets in
childhood and for alcohol in adulthood.

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