Gastric bypass surgery is a sure remedy for alcohol addiction

The problem of finding effective remedies for the treatment of alcohol dependence in modern society is more urgent than ever. Unfortunately, the existing methods of treating alcoholism do not provide for a focus on the individual characteristics of the development of addiction in each specific person. It is for this reason that in many cases they, if they give a positive result, then it is temporary. Meanwhile, scientists around the world are striving to develop a universal method of treating alcoholism that will be extremely effective.

For example, a group of specialists from the Cincinnati Medical Institute suggested that a procedure such as gastric bypass could be a versatile and effective treatment for alcohol addiction. As a rule, gastric bypass surgery in modern medicine is performed on patients suffering from overweight.

During gastric bypass surgery, it becomes possible to minimize the amount of food that enters the stomach. Having carefully studied the data on eighty thousand patients who underwent gastric bypass surgery, the experts concluded that not only the propensity to eat large amounts of food, but also the craving for alcohol was reduced in patients. The experiment carried out on laboratory rodents made it possible to confirm the assumptions.

The authors of the study suggest that overcoming alcohol addiction is achieved by activating a certain hormone that affects food cravings due to gastric bypass surgery.

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