Help in a difficult situation: how to remove alcohol intoxication at home

It is impossible to quickly relieve the symptoms of alcohol poisoning in a chronic alcoholic. His metabolic rate is much lower than that of a healthy person. Therefore, it will take a long time to treat it and not at home, but in a hospital. And this is only the first stage. In the future, such a patient will need to follow a diet, take medication, do everything possible to never touch a glass again.

If we are talking about a single case of poisoning, it will be possible to get out of an unpleasant state in a day. Terms are conditional, since symptoms are of great importance. The worse the patient feels, the more difficult it is to treat.

Stages and symptoms of alcohol poisoning

To return to good health, without resorting to the services of specialists, is possible only if the person was able to stop in time and stop drinking alcohol . If the matter has taken a serious turn, convulsions are observed, pupils roll up, the pulse is poorly palpable, it is necessary to stop trying to remove the poison and quickly call an ambulance. Self-treatment at home in the third stage of intoxication should not be. There is a high risk of cardiac arrest, coma and complete loss of sensation.

The usual hangover is attributed to the first and second stages of poisoning. It is accompanied by:

  • headaches;
  • edema;
  • pain in the liver;
  • liquid stool;
  • thirst;
  • nausea;
  • pallor;
  • weakness;
  • lack of coordination;
  • vomiting.

There are deviations from the nervous system. Neurosis, depression, a feeling of depression lead to the fact that a person again turns to the bottle. He seeks salvation in alcohol, as it is not associated with the current state. It is absolutely impossible to do this, since there is a high risk of an increase in the level of alcohol in the blood, a transition to another stage of intoxication.

Acute poisoning can occur with the use of any amount of alcohol. There is no direct connection with the strength of drinks. What matters is alcohol sensitivity, that is, how a person reacts to alcohol.

There may be individual manifestations in the form of a violation of the work of certain organs. It all depends on what diseases are present in the anamnesis. The state of the body also plays a role: if it lacks vitamins, is depleted, weakened, then its owner will feel even worse the morning after the party, which means it will be even more difficult to remove the poison.

Work on warning

Ideally, alcohol should be avoided. If you still plan to drink, then you need to prepare yourself for the party, so that later it will be easier to organize treatment. For this purpose, they drink activated charcoal. The dosage is calculated according to the scheme: 1 tablet per 10 kg of body.

Cholagogue fees will come in handy. It is necessary to resort to them in the morning of the day for which the feast is scheduled. An alternative is rosehip syrup. 2 tablespoons of a sweet amber drink will help no worse than a number of pharmacy medicines against a hangover. At the same time, the syrup is much more beneficial for the body as a whole, it can be treated without fear of an overdose.

In no case should you drink wine or vodka on an empty stomach. It is required to eat tightly before the start of the event, do not forget to have a snack during it. To make it easy to get rid of decay products later, eat a few tablespoons of oatmeal porridge before a feast. If it is not available, rice will do.

After eating, drink B vitamins. Addicts are advised to drink them all year round, as well as iodine -containing drugs. If nothing like this is at hand, then seafood will do. In order not to treat the liver for a long time, it is enough to eat 200 grams of shrimp.

Fight against symptoms of poisoning

Those who have the habit of removing a hangover from drinking strong liquor with a can of beer should understand that their method leads to increased intoxication. For an organism that is trying to remove the poison through the gag reflex, the next dose is stressful.

The right choice is to avoid alcohol. The removal of symptoms should begin precisely with the adoption of this decision, after which you can proceed to the removal of alcohol from the body. For this purpose, they induce vomiting, then drink 1-2 glasses of salty water in moderation and again induce vomiting. Please note that if bile predominates in the vomit, blood clots are observed, then home treatment will not lead to anything good. The situation has taken a serious turn, you need to immediately call an ambulance. If there are many deviations from the groans of the nervous system – loss of consciousness, decreased sensitivity – in no case should you induce vomiting.

The second stage of therapy at home is the restoration of the body’s water balance. This will require a lot of liquid. Clean water is the best option. Wash your face, take a shower, rinse your face and body, use inside. It is not enough just to drink, it is necessary to resort to diuretics.

Medications and drugs that will help relieve alcohol intoxication:

  • zorex morning;
  • reamberin ;
  • propoten-100;
  • biotredin ;
  • alcohol seltzer .

They should be taken according to the instructions, it is necessary to adhere to the given dosages. The same applies to drugs that help restore intestinal microflora. For example, rehydron , smecta . You can drink Linux .

Throughout the therapy, the patient should not be disturbed, entrusted with work that requires concentration. What can he possibly do? Lie down, rest, sleep, get treatment and eat right. There should not be any fatty foods in the diet, only light food.

It makes no sense to carry out a “debriefing” with a drinking person in the first two days after drinking alcohol. He will already have neuroses, a bad mood. Pressure in this case is ineffective, it is better to find a specialist who can provide psychological assistance. It is important to get rid of cravings for drinks in order to exclude the possibility of a recurrence of a similar situation.

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