How to quickly sober up a drunk person at home?

When a person has gone through alcohol, his friends and relatives often face the question of how to sober up a drunk person quickly at home, without resorting to the help of a doctor. There are many methods of bringing a drunk to life, and which one is better to use depends on how long he should be in a sane state. Some remedies help to become sober for a short time, for five to ten minutes, but there are also ways that allow a drunk to recover completely.

Features of alcoholic intoxication

A person stays in a state of alcoholic intoxication until the alcoholic toxins are completely eliminated from the body. This means that although numerous methods can bring a person to his senses, drive or perform any work that requires precision, he is strictly prohibited as long as the decay products of ethanol remain in the body.

This is explained by the fact that while the poisons circulate in the blood, a person in a state of alcoholic intoxication is not able to quickly respond to emergency situations, his reactions are inhibited, there is bravado and he is capable of inappropriate actions. When exactly a person will completely sober up, you can calculate using special tables, or using a breathalyzer. 

Nevertheless, the less the state of intoxication, the more a person is able to be aware of his actions and understand what is wanted from him. For example, the need for a quick sobering may arise at a party or in a bar when you need to go home, and the person is sleeping soundly or barely moving. Also, knowledge about quick methods of sobering up will help if you need to find out the address of a drunk, if he is accidentally found on the street in order to deliver him home.

Short-term methods

You can bring a drunk to his senses with the help of ammonia. The pungent smell of ammonia will wake up and help a person who is intoxicated to become sober. At the same time, ammonia is good because it can be used both at home and at a party or at a bar.

On the Internet, you can find tips that you can remove alcohol intoxication by diluting a few drops of ammonia in a glass of water, but this is highly undesirable. Salmon is a poison, so not every organism can tolerate it normally, especially if it is fighting alcoholic toxins. If you make a mistake with the dose, vomiting, stomach pains, convulsions may begin, and in case of severe poisoning, a fatal outcome is possible.

If a drunk is at a party or in a bar, strong tea will help him become sober. Some advise using coffee for this purpose, but it creates a strong load on the heart, which is undesirable for the body weakened by alcoholic toxins. For the tea to work better, it is advisable to induce vomiting before that.

To quickly remove alcohol intoxication, you can prepare a special cocktail. This requires the following ingredients:

  • vegetable oil;
  • raw yolk;
  • 2 tbsp. l. spicy tomato ketchup;
  • some black pepper;
  • a few drops of lemon juice;
  • 10 drops of vodka, brandy or other strong alcoholic beverage.

Mix all the ingredients and give a drunk to drink. The hot mixture will help to become sober for a time long enough to find out the drunken address and take him home. But we must be prepared for the fact that soon it will turn off again.

An ice shower, an energetic massage of the ears or feet will help sober up a drunk at home. True, this will not help for a long time: in any case, a person needs to sleep it off, and wait until the body removes toxins.

Enema and gastric lavage

Enema and gastric lavage will help remove alcoholic toxins from the body and quickly sober up a drunk at home. These two methods are able to rid the body of alcoholic toxins, so the liver will take less time to process them. If it is convenient to do an enema only at home, then gastric lavage can also be carried out at a party or in a bar, by going to the toilet or, in extreme cases, on the street.

Enema helps to remove alcoholic toxins from the intestines, as well as provide the body with the right amount of fluid. Therefore, this method is also recommended for severe intoxication. For a person to sober up, you need to do at least three enemas, each with a volume of two liters. The water should be at room temperature.

When a person comes to his senses, you need to give him as much water as possible to drink, after which the awakened person should go out into the street or onto the balcony. It is even better if, after sobering up, he immediately engages in intense physical exercise, which requires profuse sweating (ethanol also exits through the sweat glands).

If it is not possible to give an enema at home, you can do a gastric lavage. If a drunk is able to drink water, you need to dilute six tablespoons of baking soda or activated charcoal in three liters of water, and then give the patient three glasses of the mixture to drink, which will make him vomit. You need to clear the stomach until the vomit becomes transparent (in total, you need 5-8 liters of water).

If a person is so drunk that he is not able to drink, you need to put two fingers in his mouth and press on the root of the tongue. This will instantly induce a gag reflex.

To quickly become sober, you can use diuretics, thanks to which alcoholic toxins will quickly leave the body with urine. Mineral water can be used as a diuretic if you drink it in large quantities.

What to do after sobering up

After the cleansing procedure, it is necessary to moisten a cotton swab in ammonia and let the patient smell it. Activated charcoal will be useful: you need to swallow ten tablets. The medicine absorbs the remains of toxins, which will help to cleanse the body faster. Then you need to give him tablets of ascorbic acid (2.5 g per 70 kg of weight).

If the ascorbic acid is not at hand, it is necessary to give the person a drink with warm, preferably green tea with honey. Honey contains a huge amount of vitamins and minerals that have been flushed out of the body along with alcoholic toxins.

Although fresh air tends to sober up, you shouldn’t send an intoxicated person outside alone, especially in winter. Under the influence of a large amount of oxygen that has entered the body, the drunkard will quickly fall asleep. If this happens during frost, he can freeze to death. Therefore, it is necessary to go out into the street with him and it is desirable to make him move quickly: this contributes to sobering up, and he will be able to think normally.

If there is an opportunity to give a person a good night’s sleep, it must be given to him. During sleep, the body normalizes many processes that have been disrupted by alcoholic toxins. 

When a person wakes up, in no case should he be given alcohol to drink, including replacing strong drinks with weaker ones: it is highly likely that this will lead to the person getting drunk again. Instead, it is better to give him as much water as possible, brine, fermented milk products, hangover pills to drink.

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