Is acupuncture effective for alcoholism?

The oldest achievement of oriental medicine is acupuncture for alcoholism. This technique (also called acupuncture, acupuncture, acupuncture) is the basis of treatment and allows you to effectively get rid of addiction. Acupuncture is an effective coding method. A patient who has completed a full course of acupuncture refuses alcohol. His general condition is normalized, organs and systems begin to function correctly, and the emotional background improves.

Features of acupuncture in alcohol dependence

Alcoholism leads to dysfunction of many organs and systems. Acupuncture makes it possible to restore their performance due to the impact on certain biologically active points of the body. The special arrangement of the needles during the procedure allows you to help the patient get rid of addiction and return the person to a normal lifestyle.

Aversion to alcohol occurs on a physical level. The correct placement of needles on points by an acupuncturist opens special energy channels that contribute to the release of the body’s natural forces. This process starts a complex cleansing. After several sessions, any alcoholic product is perceived as a destructive element.

Acupuncture ensures the restoration of the whole organism: normalizes the general condition and well-being, relieves alcoholism.

Main advantages and disadvantages of acupuncture

Acupuncture has a minimum of contraindications, which is an indisputable plus. It is used in case of impossibility to use medicinal effects or coding, which are not suitable for every person. Acupuncture for alcoholism is allowed in most cases.

Contributing to the activation of all the forces of the body to fight alcohol addiction, acupuncture provides:

  • stimulation of the functioning of internal organs;
  • normalization of blood circulation;
  • restoration of the central nervous system;
  • increasing the protective functions of the body;
  • improvement of metabolic processes;
  • elimination of spasmodic muscle contractions;
  • elimination of headaches and heart pains;
  • normalization of sleep;
  • reduction of nausea and associated symptoms;
  • reduced craving for alcohol.

Negative consequences of the reflexology procedure are possible mainly due to the low qualification of the doctor and non-compliance with the needle sterilization technique.

Important advantages of acupuncture are effectiveness in the fight against alcoholism and high safety.

Contraindications to the procedure

First of all, a person must be sober without fail. Prohibitions on the procedure for alcoholism are absolute, relative and local. The first category includes the following factors.

  1. Alcohol and drug intoxication – in this state, the patient is capable of an inadequate reaction.
  2. Infectious lesions of the body, accompanied by fever – the use of reflexology is unacceptable at elevated body temperature.
  3. Mental disorders – people suffering from such diseases, the technique is not suitable.
  4. Pathologies of the immune system.
  5. Complicated pregnancy.

Relative contraindications for acupuncture in an alcoholic include exhaustion, pregnancy, and age over 70 years. It is also recommended to refuse acupuncture in the presence of epileptic seizures, strokes and physical overwork. A negative reaction of the body is not excluded with muscular dystrophy, emotional overstrain and during menstruation in women.

Local contraindications include damage to the skin, the presence of scars, moles and varicose veins.

Preparation and holding

Before prescribing acupuncture, the specialist draws up an individual treatment plan. It is based on the stage of alcoholism, the general condition of the patient, his personal characteristics. The age group, gender, daily routine and the presence of any concomitant diseases are taken into account. Before starting the procedure, the doctor gives the patient some recommendations. There is no special preparation. A person should not come to the session with an empty stomach.

Before acupuncture, the patient may have questions about the procedure.

Aspects ofPeculiarities
Places of introduction.To search for biologically active points, the doctor uses special units of measurement called “cun”. They vary between 1.5–3 cm and depend on the height of the patient.
Instruments.After determining the points, the introduction of special individual sterile needles with a diameter of 0.3–0.37 cm and a length of 3–12 cm is carried out.
Depth.The amount of penetration directly depends on the site. The technique of introducing needles in alcoholism can be both rotational and vibrational.
Soreness.The pain is minimal, anyone can withstand the procedure.

The procedure is performed in a relaxed, quiet environment. This allows you to achieve maximum results. During acupuncture, you may experience the following sensations:

  • mild numbness;
  • tingling;
  • burning;
  • bursting;
  • running of an electric discharge.

Feeling the passage of current indicates the correct insertion of the needles. On average, the duration of the session is 15-40 minutes. The specialist is always next to the patient, monitoring his general condition and blood pressure level. After the procedure, all needles are removed from the skin in the reverse order of placement. Sessions are usually performed no more than every other day.

The fight against alcoholism through acupuncture is carried out exclusively with the consent of the patient.

Benefits of healing sessions

Acupuncture is widely practiced by modern medicine to eliminate alcoholism. Fighting alcohol addiction through acupuncture is not only safe, but also effective. Already after the first session, patients feel relief and improvement in well-being. If a person is at the initial stage of alcohol addiction, it is possible to cope with cravings for alcohol after the first visit. The more severe the form, the more difficult it is to overcome the disease.

Therapy with needles ensures the normalization of the nervous system, the brain. A full course of acupuncture helps to increase protective functions, reduce the physiological manifestation of alcoholism and eliminate convulsions. Recovery of the whole organism entails a complete rejection of alcohol.

After 2-3 sessions of acupuncture, the patient will feel a significant improvement, his mood will increase. After a few more procedures, the condition stabilizes. The exact number of sessions cannot be determined, the duration of the treatment of alcoholism with the help of acupuncture is determined on an individual basis.

Are alcohol and acupuncture compatible?

Acupuncture in combination with alcoholic products can lead to the development of severe deviations from the body. It is strictly forbidden to drink during the course of acupuncture. Experts also do not recommend drinking alcohol 2-3 weeks before the start of treatment and the same amount after, especially since strong cravings for alcohol will decrease significantly.

The interaction of these components can lead to unforeseen reactions and mental disorders. It is not excluded the manifestation of aggression, apathy, anxiety and irritability. Some patients have a strong fear due to a possible breakdown. They understand the danger of this situation. Constant fear increases the risk of developing heart disease and frequent headaches. In the event of a breakdown, a high dose of alcohol in combination with acupuncture can be fatal.

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