Ways to remove cravings for alcohol?

There are quite a few ways and methods on how to relieve alcohol cravings, especially for folk and homemade recipes. Unfortunately, alcohol addiction is one of the most common problems today, and it is very difficult to overcome such a disease. The main task in the initial stages of recovery is how to quickly and painlessly reduce cravings for alcohol.

Alcoholism as a psychological problem

It is worth immediately understanding that alcoholism is not an exclusively physiological problem. The psychological factor is of great importance. The main problem of this disease is that a person does not feel the border between the normal state and that which is observed during prolonged alcohol use.

Signs of craving for alcohol can be completely different. The first and most common is the presence of withdrawal symptoms in the morning. In people, this syndrome is called a hangover. A person suffers from malaise and intoxication. There are changes in the mental state. A person who experiences cravings for alcohol becomes depressed, experiences a feeling of imminent death.

The patient begins to drink alcohol in a systematic manner, while insisting that at any time he can refuse to use strong drinks. But it is worth understanding that a person who is craving alcohol cannot fight it. The desire to drink arises constantly, so getting rid of it is quite difficult.

There are significant changes in human behavior. All the events and things that surround the patient seem meaningless, have no meaning and purpose. There is only one and obsessive idea, there is a desire to drink. If a person is surrounded by people who consume alcohol in moderation, then he will never hold back in cravings. From the obsessive desire to drink, drinking alcohol begins even before the arrival of the whole company.

Treatment with medication

There are several ways to get rid of alcohol cravings. These are medications that reduce the desire to drink. Before using the drugs, it is recommended to consult a doctor to determine the exact dosage of the drug. It is the specialist who can suggest safe methods of how to reduce cravings without the use of radical methods.

The first and effective remedy is Vivitrol . The active components of the drug reduce and block the euphoric sensations and emotions that are provoked by the use of alcohol.

Another drug to reduce the desire to drink is Torpedo. This method permanently eliminates cravings for drinking alcoholic beverages, as it affects due to the psychological factor. It is worth noting that only a specialist can prescribe and carry out the procedure for sewing in funds. The patient experiences fear and anxiety, so the desire to drink alcohol is significantly reduced. Many people removed desire with this method, since according to statistics this is the most effective option.

A safer remedy for the psychological state of a person is Balansin . The action of the drug is aimed at normalizing the functions of the nervous system, stimulating the production of hormones that can have an antidepressant effect. The decrease in thrust occurs due to the normalization and stabilization of the normal state.

Proproten-100 belongs to the group of reducing drugs. The active components have an anti-alcohol effect, the withdrawal syndrome of various degrees of severity is eliminated. The drug reduces the desire to drink alcohol, improves a person’s physical condition.

A tool like Esperal will help fight cravings . Such a tool can not only reduce the craving for alcohol, but also contributes to the complete rejection of alcohol. The active ingredients cause an aversion to the smell and taste of alcoholic beverages.

Home Treatments

In addition to medications, you can overcome alcohol cravings at home. Folk remedies and methods will be good helpers in this matter. The most effective solution in this matter will be herbs that are quite accessible to everyone.

You need to take the following components:

  • St. John’s wort (20 g);
  • wormwood (20 g);
  • yarrow (20 g);
  • mata pepper (15 g);
  • thyme and angelica (10 g);
  • juniper (5 g).

All of the above components must be mixed, and then crushed in a mortar. Pour the ingredients with 1 cup boiling water, then strain. The composition should be taken 1 glass 3-4 times a day. Duration of admission – 7-10 days.

An effective way to reduce alcohol cravings at home is to use puppeteer root.

1 tsp herbs, pour 1/4 cup boiling water. The contents must be infused for about 60 minutes, then strain and supplement until a volume of 50 mm is obtained. Add 20 drops of the composition to a bottle of alcohol. The craving for alcohol goes away after the first use, as the drug causes vomiting and aversion to smell and taste.

As a treatment with folk remedies, you can use not only herbs and decoctions, but also various products. For home treatment, it is recommended to use sea buckthorn berries. They well remove the craving for alcohol, have an antioxidant effect on the body, fight free radicals. Protein metabolism also returns to normal.

There are several foods that can help relieve alcohol cravings. For example, to reduce craving, it is necessary to include cocoa and chocolate, sources of vitamin B6, in the diet. Cheese contains many amino acids that have an effect on suppressing such desire.

But even using products that reduce cravings for alcohol, it is impossible to eliminate all manifestations of the disease. The craving for alcohol can be finally eliminated only after a person at the psychological level admits the presence of such a disease as alcoholism. A noisy evening or a feast can in no way be called a sign of alcohol addiction. But the use of alcohol for a long time in large quantities can rightfully be considered a disease. Medications, folk remedies, giving up bad habits, playing sports – all this will help eliminate the manifestation of such an ailment.

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