What is coding for alcoholism and what are its consequences?

Today we will try to figure out together what is coding for alcoholism and its consequences on the body of an addicted person. Alcohol addiction is one of the most serious problems of modern society. Every year the number of alcoholics is increasing, while alcohol dependent people are getting younger. There are many methods for weaning a person from this addiction, but not all of them ultimately have a positive result. According to statistics and, according to the lovers of strong drinks themselves, the most effective way of treatment is drug coding. Few people know what coding is and the principle of its action on the body, therefore they mistakenly believe that this method is ineffective and rather dangerous for humans.

Features of the procedure and principle of operation

Coding from alcohol addiction is a rather specific procedure, which consists in influencing the mental consciousness of a person and instilling in him an aversion to vodka. As a rule, this encoding technique works best on people who are easily hypnotized. In some cases, one session is enough for a person to refuse vodka on their own for a certain time. The only thing that can bring some inconvenience is that before encoding a person must endure without drinking alcohol for 15 days, otherwise hypnosis will not work.

Coding affects a person in such a way that he develops a conditioned reflex – an aversion to alcohol. The consequences of coding will be noticeable immediately, since even 50 g of alcohol can cause severe poisoning in a person. When a patient subconsciously understands that alcohol is bad, his body itself begins to fight the physiological manifestations of alcohol addiction. It is best to start treatment in a clinic, since during such psychotherapy sessions, a person must be completely isolated from possible drinking companions and access to alcohol.

Encoding methods

Modern medicine has been fighting alcoholism for a very long time and during this time it has nevertheless developed several effective methods, each of which has its own characteristics, but in general the principle of influencing a person is the same. So, today there are such coding methods as:

  • medication;
  • psychotherapeutic;
  • hypnotherapeutic ;
  • hardware.

Drug coding involves, first of all, taking special pills, as well as intravenous injections with alcohol inhibitors.

Often, drug coding also includes suturing under the skin of alcoblockers . Medications are a kind of chemical protection against alcohol for the patient’s body, which will prevent his desire to drink and help to remove the breakdown products of alcohol that has been drunk. This method is the most popular, as it prevents possible negative consequences of coding and is effective even in advanced stages of alcoholism. It helps to fight addiction faster than all other methods and is characterized by the duration of its impact. This coding method has an extensive range of drugs and dosages, so the harm of coding is minimized, since the treatment is selected on an individual basis. The only disadvantage of this method of treatment is its high cost, since not all people can afford to buy drugs for toxic therapy .

The next no less popular method of influencing the psyche of an alcoholic is hypnosis coding or according to the author’s methods of famous doctors. The above chemical protection against alcohol with the help of medications has a greater effect on the physiological state of a person, the same methods affect the psyche, and, as a rule, have no contraindications. The impact on the psyche with the help of hypnosis should be carried out exclusively by an experienced specialist, otherwise there will be no effect. As you know, hypnosis is a certain state of a person in which he is between sleep and wakefulness. A person is relaxed, and his brain activity is reduced, but at the same time he can clearly perceive everything that is said to him. An experienced specialist, taking advantage of this state of the patient, can put into his head a basic setting that is aimed at refusing and aversion from alcohol.

Hardware coding consists in the use of physiotherapeutic procedures, for example, electrical impulse convulsive therapy, laser exposure or hyperthermic techniques.

Most often, laser exposure is used in relation to a dependent patient. The essence of the technique is the impact of laser beams on certain areas of the brain, which are responsible for the addiction of a person. Laser beams, as it were, erase information about the pathological need to drink. The positive side of this method is that it has no contraindications, absolutely harmless, but the minus is that it acts only at the initial stage of alcoholism. The number of procedures and their intensity is selected depending on the characteristics of the body and the person, but, as a rule, 3 sessions are enough for a person to forget about craving for alcohol forever.

Contraindications and consequences of coding

Most people, before embarking on such a cardinal method of treatment, are interested in why coding is dangerous and whether it has contraindications. This approach to solving the problem of alcoholism is quite correct, because everyone wants life after coding to improve, and not become even worse.

There are a number of contraindications for coding. The procedure is affected by:

  • diabetes;
  • thyroid disease;
  • diseases of the cardiovascular system;
  • violations of the functions of the liver and kidneys;
  • epilepsy;
  • pregnancy;
  • mental illness.

In addition to a positive effect on the body, such treatment may have some consequences of coding from alcohol. First of all, coding affects the potency of men, as a rule, the temperature always rises after coding, nausea, vomiting, dizziness and weakness throughout the body may be present. These unpleasant symptoms may pass over time without additional intervention, but if they last for a long period, you need to re-contact the doctor.

The most dangerous consequence, which can cause death, is binge drinking after coding, which was carried out by medication. Due to the ingress of alcohol into the human body, alcohol blockers and other substances are activated, which are hemmed to the patient. A person will experience severe intoxication and painful symptoms, which sometimes cannot be eliminated even in a hospital setting. That is why a person who needs coding needs to popularly explain the consequences of coding from alcohol and tell that a breakdown will cost him dearly and possibly end in disability or death.

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