How can you cleanse your liver after drinking alcohol for a long time?

The restoration of the normal state of the body really begins to interest many people after a short, but very heavy use of alcohol, which usually happens on holidays or after a long binge. How much alcohol should be drunk for the formation of unpleasant sensations is difficult to say, it is quite individual. Restoring the entire body is not an easy matter, however, it is quite possible, the only thing that needs to be taken into account is that it may not work out quickly . The time spent on cleansing the body will directly depend on personal characteristics, the amount of alcohol consumed and the duration of the binge. 

It is very important to take into account that only about five percent of all alcohol consumed can be excreted with sweat and urine, the rest of the volume is decomposed inside the body and it may take several days to remove it, no matter what means of cleansing.

The issue of cleansing from alcohol breakdown products begins to excite most people quickly enough, within a few hours after drinking alcohol. It is then that the hangover comes, as a result of which the person’s condition leaves much to be desired. It is recommended to start fighting the consequences of alcohol intoxication or hard drinking with the liver. You can cleanse the liver from alcohol by various methods, but their effectiveness is different, so it is better to figure out in advance what and how to do to restore the normal state of this organ.

Fundamental rules

Before you cleanse the liver of alcohol, you need to figure out how to do it correctly. A fairly large number of people believe that cleansing after a binge can be done at home with vegetable oil and lemon juice. Alas, recent studies show that this method does not effectively cleanse the liver at home, and besides, there is a very high risk of getting more significant problems in addition to alcohol intoxication.

It is likely that pancreatitis or gallstone disease will develop. Therefore, before the cleansing of the body begins, it is still better to consult with a health worker, even if there is an intention to implement it with folk remedies.

Intending to start cleaning the liver, you should immediately be ready to comply with three simple rules:

  • complete rejection of alcohol and tobacco smoking;
  • complete elimination of fried, fatty and spicy foods from the diet;
  • revision of lifestyle in the direction of increasing activity.

Compliance with these rules will allow you to cleanse the body most quickly and effectively, even if you use folk remedies at home.

It should be remembered that the liver is an organ, the soreness of which can begin to be felt only in the case of a sufficiently severe degree of the disease. With ordinary alcohol intoxication in this organ, unpleasant sensations usually do not happen. Therefore, with the appearance of nausea, indigestion, pain in the hypochondrium on the right, you should not self-medicate, which can only worsen the situation. It is better to immediately consult a doctor, undergo a comprehensive examination and, if necessary, receive adequate treatment.

As a result of alcohol abuse after another binge, damage to several organs can be detected, which will require a whole range of therapeutic measures. Of course, such treatment can be carried out at home, but the recommendations prescribed by the doctor will have to be taken into account.

Cleansing products

Our liver has a wonderful property – if it is healthy, then cleansing occurs automatically, without any additional drugs or measures, while how long the process will take is difficult to say, everything is determined by the amount of toxins. However, after a binge or just long-term use of alcohol, you can notice that she does not always cope with the volume of harmful substances that have accumulated in the body.

How to cleanse the liver after alcohol in this case? The elimination of toxins can be accelerated by increased bile secretion. For this, some people liked some medicines, for example, Allohol. However, bile secretion can be stimulated no less successfully with folk remedies at home.

Traditional healers offer many recipes (how many of them are very difficult to say), which often contain the following products:

  • broccoli, which contains enzymes with a high effect on the liver;
  • cauliflower;
  • greens, which have bitterness and astringency, in a short time after ingestion, the production of bile will increase markedly;
  • onions, which contribute to the accelerated decomposition of toxins and their removal from the body;

You should know that regular consumption of various vegetables provides a fairly quick cleanse of the body. In this case, you will have to completely limit spices and any spicy seasonings in the diet.

Using milk thistle

The beneficial properties of milk thistle have been known for a long time; traditional healers have deservedly appreciated its hepaprotective effect. Modern medicine offers numerous treatments based on milk thistle powder . Milk thistle seeds are especially appreciated, which have a regenerating effect on cells, help to activate the production of bile, and normalize the functioning of the intestines and stomach . In addition, the plant accumulates a lot of valuable microelements and vitamins, with which it replenishes the body when consumed, which is especially important in the treatment of a long illness or relief of the manifestations of protracted drunkenness.

Folk remedies made from milk thistle can very successfully cleanse our liver. The most commonly used milk thistle seed powder, which is simply added to various dishes or salads. Cleaning with other milk thistle-based products is a little more difficult; tinctures, decoctions and even oil are prepared from this plant.

Almost all preparations based on milk thistle are very effective, you can notice an improvement in the condition within a few days after the start of their use.

Traditional healers offer an extremely simple way to use this plant, which anyone can do at home. To cleanse the liver, a powder is prepared from milk thistle seeds. To do this, the beans are simply ground in a coffee grinder. Powder is taken three times a day. How much to take is decided by the person himself, the amount can range from a teaspoon (recommended dose) to a tablespoon.

The powder must be washed down with a little water. It is important to remember that food intake can be started no earlier than half an hour after taking the drug. Grinding of grains is recommended to be carried out in exactly the amount of powder needed for a day’s intake, if it is stored longer, then the beneficial properties begin to be lost.

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