Vomiting after drinking alcohol

Nausea after a large amount of alcohol is normal. Your body is well aware that a large amount of “poison” has got inside, which means that you need to get rid of it as soon as possible. A gag reflex appears, which leads to the process of purification. If nausea occurs once, then this can be considered normal, this process removes most of the alcohol, and it will not enter your bloodstream. But if vomiting of bile begins after alcohol and it lasts long enough, then these are already signs of severe alcohol poisoning and something needs to be done about it.

If a person vomits with herbal juice, then this indicates a large amount of alcohol in the stomach and blood. The body understands that it is necessary to launch a defensive reaction, but at the same time it cannot remove a sufficient amount of alcohol, so the attempts continue, and vomiting with bile appears. The reason for this phenomenon is understandable, but you must understand that this is a sign of extreme alcohol poisoning, if you do nothing about it, then the harm will be very serious.

How to determine the presence of bile during nausea

Any drinking ends with nausea, you have to vomit, as a large amount of alcohol comes out of your body, which is harmful. If you feel sick with a hangover, then this can be considered normal. But if you feel bitterness in your mouth, and nausea is accompanied by a feeling of heartburn and burning in the abdomen, then things are very bad. The feeling is very unpleasant, it hurts you to vomit, but at the same time you cannot stop this process just like that. The body will try to get rid of alcohol, this is its protective function and direct duty.

Also a sign of the presence of bile can be seen in the vomit itself, which acquires a golden and yellowish hue. If you see vomiting with bile, then you must immediately take the right precautions. If the nausea is accompanied by blood, then the problem is even more serious and you need to seek medical help. All this can end not just in pain and your long rest, it can even end in death, so it’s not worth the risk.

What to do with nausea

Inside you is alcohol, which he needs to remove as quickly as possible and in as large quantities as possible. Your task is to help your organs, because it is very difficult to cope with this problem with just nausea. If you are thinking about how to stop nausea, then you should understand that this is not so easy to do. Nausea will stop immediately after the body recovers to normal and removes a sufficient amount of alcohol.

In order to help your body in this difficult struggle for your comfort and life, you must first of all wash your stomach. Drinking plenty of fluids will help flush out toxins, make vomiting less painful, and help you get rid of a lot of alcohol. Drinking plenty of fluids ensures that you don’t get dehydrated, a problem that can be even worse than food poisoning. Also, to cleanse the stomach, you can safely take activated charcoal or more effective antiseptics, this will allow your body to recover much faster.

The basic rule in all this is that you must, by all means available, help your body fight alcohol poisoning. If, in addition to poisoning, there is a lack of fluid, then this is another problem that must be dealt with. In any case, it will be more difficult for him to get rid of alcohol, because he needs to spend energy and resources on solving other problems. Therefore, in order for alcohol intoxication to pass faster, you need to drink plenty of water and allow the body to calmly do its job.

What is dangerous vomiting with herbal liquid

First of all, nausea after alcohol with bile indicates a serious upset in your stomach, which has been subjected to severe damage. If a person vomits, then this is normal, if vomiting is accompanied by the release of bile, then the situation is stalemate. Everything must be done to stop such nausea, and drinking plenty of fluids, even through force, can help in this difficult task.

Grass juice is a rather aggressive and dangerous substance, it can corrode the inner walls of your esophagus, so this kind of vomiting is very dangerous. The danger is also that vomiting of this kind appears after severe intoxication, which means that it will not go away quickly and easily. Your body is under stress, alcohol disrupts the work of all organs, the liver is under heavy load. Alcohol negatively affected brain functions, a large number of brain cells simply died and cannot be restored. And to all this is added vomiting with bile, which causes serious damage to the esophagus.

This is one of the main problems of alcoholism, when your body can no longer fight alcohol poisoning in the normal way. If you have such vomiting after alcohol, you don’t know what to do in this situation, then urgently call an ambulance. If there are minor signs of vomiting, then you can survive this on your own, but provide your body with all the necessary resources to fight. In any case, you won’t be able to physically stop vomiting, here you no longer make decisions, which is why you just need to ensure the correct passage of this process.

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