Alcohol addiction vaccination is already a reality

 An obligatory companion in the development of alcohol dependence is an increase in the body’s tolerance to alcohol. In other words, over time, a person needs more and more alcohol to achieve intoxication. 

The Chilean Ministry of Health has developed a vaccine that will affect the liver cells, which produce a substance that improves the breakdown of alcohol. Thus, alcohol tolerance will not develop. The result is that any excessive use of any kind of alcohol will be accompanied by severe reactions of the body.  

In other words, a person gravitating towards alcoholism simply will not be able to enjoy alcoholic intoxication, since literally after a few glasses or glasses, nausea will begin, and the heart will beat wildly. The person himself will be forced to abandon the use of alcohol or, at least, significantly reduce its amount.

The first tests have already been carried out on laboratory rodents and have shown that such an injection reduces the risk of alcoholism by fifty percent and, accordingly, reduces the total amount of alcohol consumed. 

In the near future, it is planned to conduct clinical trials with the participation of humans. However, before that, it is necessary to find out the exact dosage of the drug, which will save a huge number of people around the globe. 

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