How can you sober up quickly?

After any holiday where you had to drink a lot of alcohol, in the morning, many people feel uncomfortable. Most of them, who are especially heavy on alcohol, even after a quiet night, feel a little intoxication in the morning. However, partying in a big way, as a rule, is arranged before the weekend, so that everyone at home can sleep, sober up and move away from a fun party. But what to do in other cases, what to do when you really need to sober up urgently at home, for example, in an hour, 30 or 10 minutes. There is essentially no time to get sober, but meanwhile, a person needs to go to work or get behind the wheel. Is there a universal way to get sober urgently, how to get up quickly and sober up.

If sleep is an unaffordable luxury

How to be and what to do when you need to quickly sober up from alcohol, for example, in an hour. If a person has drunk a liter of strong alcohol or one and a half to two liters of fortified wine, in 30 minutes or an hour he will completely come to his senses, get rid of the dope at home, hardly anyone will succeed. After all, no one can accelerate the work of the liver, and meanwhile, it is she who is responsible for the processing of alcohol-containing liquid . Who does not need to rush to work, behind the wheel, this question of time, in most cases, is closed. 

At home you can sleep “until you lose your pulse” until the alcoholic intoxication disappears. This takes 6 to 24 hours. After this period, the person actually feels great. But, here the question is considered, how to quickly sober up in half an hour, an hour or a little longer. What to do and how much you need to eat or drink drugs in order to feel a surge of strength, clarity of mind. What helps in such cases? After a fun evening, is there any way to quickly get to your feet and stand firmly on them?

It can be emphasized right away that getting behind the wheel or carrying on some important negotiations while intoxicated, even mildly, is highly discouraged, despite the fact that alcohol has a different effect on men and women. In the stronger sex, psychoemotional reactions slow down, in women – physical activity. Firstly, those who have drunk are prohibited by law to turn the steering wheel, and secondly, the adoption of responsible decisions should be carried out on a sober head.

It should be noted that it is almost impossible to sober up in a few minutes. Ways have not been invented for a person, after active alcoholic libations, and sometimes mixed ones, to “become a cucumber” in just 10 or 30 minutes. For an hour, another, wherever it went. It is possible to lower the intoxicated state, to clarify the consciousness.

In the morning, if the party took place the day before, at home, you should wash your face with cold water, take a contrast shower. Drink coffee, but if your heart doesn’t hurt after yesterday’s fun. Massage the whiskey so that the blood rushes to the brain, cleanse the intestines, causing vomit, make an enema, take diuretics or activated charcoal.

Aspirin and fresh air

If you sleep, you don’t have time to sleep, because things don’t wait, you can use the following recommendations that should be applied at home. So, ways to recover in 30 minutes.

  1. Take a shower, drink sweet coffee, tea with lemon, put a wet towel on your forehead.
  2. Get your brain to think actively. For these purposes, the solution of any simple intellectual problems is suitable. It is not necessary to prove the Pythagorean theorem and delve into all the subtleties of geometry. You just need to talk to someone, comprehend plans for the future, thoughtfully imagine the work process, etc. Despite the dubiousness of the method, this method is very effective.
  3. To bring yourself to your senses, you can muddy an anti-alcohol cocktail. Mix a pinch of red and black pepper, add salt, egg yolk, a little vegetable oil, a couple of tablespoons of tomato puree. Add vinegar and horseradish to the extract . They are mixed separately. Drink the mixture in one gulp.
  4. Take a glass of cold water with a few drops of ammonia added.

These methods will help the body in a few minutes, that is, they will relatively solve the problem of how to sober up quickly.

Continuing the list, it is worth noting other, no less effective methods, how to sober up.

  1. American way. Sit down and drink a bottle of Pepsi or Coca-Cola with a hangover.
  2. Drink more water with honey, jam or sugar. An emaciated brain urgently needs glucose, sucrose. This remedy is also considered effective if you need to come to your senses in 30 minutes.
  3. To feel better an hour or earlier, you need to move more. Physical activity accelerates the elimination of ethanol products, quickly brings the body back to normal.
  4. Walk in the fresh air. After alcoholic fun, the blood needs to be enriched with oxygen and, there is nothing better than taking a walk in the park or square, where there is a lot of greenery.
  5. Sit down and have a massage. After long holidays, manipulation is very useful when you need to become alert at home an hour or earlier.
  6. Blood thinning agents. Aspirin helps to relieve withdrawal symptoms by increasing blood circulation, promotes sobering up.

The listed methods will quickly solve the question of how to quickly sober up in half an hour.

Several recipes for sobering up

To get yourself out of alcoholic intoxication, to find a normal look for a certain period of time, when, for example, you need to get behind the wheel, other methods will help. In principle, to become sober at home in 10 minutes. it is possible, but only for a short time. The ethyl alcohol will slow down, but it will not stop. Therefore, after a certain amount of time, the state of alcoholic intoxication will return again, but the ethanol reaction will noticeably weaken. What do we have to do? In order to regain your human appearance at home for 10 minutes, you should:

  • sit down, add 5-6 drops of ammonia to cold water and drink in one gulp;
  • actively and strongly massage the face with your palms: the area of ​​the ears, cheeks, temples, bridge of the nose;
  • drip 20 drops of peppermint alcohol into a glass and dilute with water. Drink without delay.

These funds are suitable for home use and will partly help resolve the issue. how to sober up quickly.

Sobering up at home or in a broad sense (at a party, on the street, at work (for many, it happens)) is such a heterogeneous concept that everyone has it differently. There are even people who are unique in their kind who stand out from the crowd for their ability to quickly come to their senses, literally in a few minutes. Others do not experience a hangover at all after alcoholic parties.

They usually go to work or boldly drive without fear that they will blow the inspector down with their fumes. Everyone has an individual organism, therefore, functional capabilities.

In order to restore normal condition at home as soon as possible, it is better to first think about how much alcohol to drink. Each of us knows exactly the characteristics of the body, so we must calculate our strength.

In the question of how you can quickly sober up, it is important to cleanse and saturate the body with proteins, vitamins, microelements, fiber. In the first case, an enema helps a lot. You need to take as much water as the device will fit and rinse the stomach. The procedure will not take much time, on the strength of 10 minutes, but it will be effective.

What to do next? At home, a thiamine solution purchased in advance helps a lot. Ampoules contain 5 and 10 percent solution. They are intended for injection, but can be taken orally at home. Better to use 20%. After all the above methods, after an hour or another, you can even get behind the wheel, but provided that there is no alcohol fumes from the mouth. After 30 minutes. after drinking alcohol, it is undesirable to make any global decisions. What to do in this case? Wait and be treated with folk remedies. Water, rest and sleep are the best medicines for alcohol intoxication.  

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