How quickly can you sober up a drunk person at home?

Perhaps everyone has witnessed acute alcohol intoxication. How to quickly sober up a drunk person at home worries everyone who decides to help a person who is in this grave condition. There are many ways to deal with alcohol intoxication. In order to choose the most effective, it is necessary to understand their specifics and rules of application.

Gastric lavage as a quick way to sober up

One of the most effective ways to sober up a heavily drunk person is the method of natural gastric lavage.

There are two main ways to induce vomiting in a drinker and sober him up:

  • give the victim plenty of pure or mineral water to drink;
  • ask the drinker to induce vomiting by stimulating the receptors on the back of the tongue.

After the first vomit begins to come out, it is recommended to give the drunk person a weak solution of potassium permanganate to drink and continue washing until the liquid begins to come out without food residue.

Also a very effective means of how to sober up a drunk is to induce vomit with table salt. To do this, in a glass of clean water, dilute 4 tbsp . salt and let the intoxicated drink the prepared solution.

After applying each of the methods of gastric lavage, it is recommended to give the victim an absorbent preparation. Alternatively, it can be activated charcoal, in the proportion of 1 tablet per 10 kg of a person’s weight. This measure will help speed up the sobering process.

The usually presented method of sobering up a person at home with the help of gastric lavage begins to act within half an hour after application. It is important to remember that during the removal of alcohol in this way, the human body loses a lot of fluid. After washing, it is necessary to normalize the water balance of the victim on an emergency basis.

Ways to sober up a person with acute alcohol intoxication

There are many methods on how to quickly and effectively sober up a drunk person with a high degree of intoxication. They have different degrees of effectiveness, and differ in the specifics of the application.

There are the following ways of sobering up a person with acute alcohol intoxication at home:

  1. If a person has severe dizziness and weakness in the body, it is recommended to flush the stomach with the methods described above.
  2. If the victim is in a state of extreme intoxication, it is necessary to intensively massage his ears until redness. Blood flow to the brain will help sober up a heavily drunk person.
  3. If a person has profuse reddening of the skin, it is recommended to wrap it carefully. This need is due to the fact that due to the expansion of blood vessels, the body loses a large amount of heat. Hypothermia can worsen your overall health

Before making a choice in favor of each of the methods of how to get a person out of alcohol intoxication, it is necessary to assess the state of health of the victim and apply the method in relation to the current situation. It is important to remember that if the proposed methods did not bring the expected results, you need to call an ambulance on an emergency basis.

Express – sobering method at home

If it is necessary to urgently bring a person to his senses at least for a while, you can apply express methods of sobering up at home. They have gained their popularity among users due to their high performance, as well as ease of use.

The following methods will help you quickly sober up a drunk:

  • cold water procedures;
  • brushing your teeth with rich mint paste and rinsing your mouth with mineral water;
  • rubbing the face of drunk people with ice or snow;
  • chewing bay leaf or fresh parsley sprigs;
  • the use of medications aimed at eliminating the symptoms of alcohol intoxication;
  • drunk strong tea with lemon and a lot of sugar or freshly brewed coffee.

It is important to remember that the presented methods of how to quickly sober up a person will be effective only if we are talking about a slight degree of intoxication.

After the procedures, it is required to let the person sleep for the final removal of alcohol from the body and recuperation.

Ways to bring a drunk person to life are very numerous and varied. Choosing each of them, it is necessary to soberly assess the current situation and choose the most appropriate method so as not to harm the victim.

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