Sewing in a torpedo from alcoholism: what is it?

In the fight against alcoholism, there are many techniques and methods. But first of all, the question arises of whether a torpedo from alcoholism – what is it?

Many call alcoholism one of the scourges of the 21st century. Adult men and women, and even teenagers, suffer from it. Alcoholism can occur both from the first drink, and after a long use of strong or low-alcohol drinks.

A torpedo for alcoholism is a method of dealing with this chronic disease that has been used by doctors for a long time. It allows you to develop a negative attitude towards alcohol in the first minutes. It is possible to sew a torpedo from alcoholism only if a person has realized his condition and that he needs help. It is extremely dangerous to use it without the permission of the alcoholic. Alcohol withdrawal without psychological consent to treatment can have a tragic effect on the health and even life of the patient.

The essence of the alcohol torpedo method

The filing of alcoholism is one of the barrier treatments for this chronic disease. It helps on a psychological level to give up cravings for alcohol and not to use it even in minimal quantities. Sewing in a torpedo from alcoholism is based on the introduction of a drug with a specific chemical composition. There are many ways to use this drug:

  • in the form of tablets;
  • in the form of an intravenous infusion of the drug;
  • in the form of a special implant sewn under the skin.

Sewing in an alcoholism ampoule is currently considered the most effective way to use a special drug. There are also many alternative methods of treating alcoholism, but patients choose the method of sewing in a subcutaneous capsule.

It is necessary to understand, from alcoholism a torpedo – what is it? From a medical point of view, it is a chemical defense of the body against the possible effects of alcohol. After the procedure, the patient’s desire to drink alcohol is significantly reduced and gradually disappears completely, which is why the alcohol torpedo has a high effect. During treatment, the alcoholic’s body ceases to perceive alcohol, as before, as a necessary substance for functioning and begins to perceive ethanol as a poison. Thus, an alcohol torpedo forms a persistent aversion to any drink containing alcohol. At the same time, the substance does not affect other processes in the body in any way and does not interfere with its functioning.

Active ingredient in Torpedo

The drug Torpedo got its name from the first substance that was sewn under the skin to combat alcoholism – Torpedo . Now a wide variety of drugs are used in ampoules for sewing under the skin, but almost all of them are based on the substance disulfiram .

An alcoholism ampoule may contain a different concentration of disulfiram . This white crystalline powder with a slight yellowish tint is considered one of the most effective drugs in the fight against alcoholism.

Coding from alcoholism with a torpedo with disulfiram primarily affects the liver. This does not affect the organ and processes in it in any way, until at least the smallest fraction of ethyl alcohol enters the body. The drug stops the breakdown of alcohol in the liver into gas and water at the stage of converting alcohol into one of the substances of acetic acid – acetaldehyde. This substance is a dangerous poison for the tissues of the human body.

Sewing an alcohol ampoule and drinking alcohol is the same as provoking severe alcohol poisoning and a hangover. Moreover, Disulfiram affects the breakdown of even a small amount of alcohol, which is contained, for example, in kvass or kefir. But at the same time, no adverse effects are observed, but acetaldehyde gradually accumulates in the tissues.

An alcohol torpedo is not the only remedy that contains the substance disulfiram . It can be used by a person in the form of tablets daily on an empty stomach, while the amount of the drug is reduced daily. In other cases, a single injection for alcoholism with disulfiram may be given .

The principle of operation of a torpedo from alcoholism

In the treatment of alcoholism, not only medication is important, but also psychological help. A person must voluntarily sew up and be aware of the consequences that can occur when taking even a minimal amount of alcohol. Incorrect information can lead to severe intoxication of the body.

A torpedo can only be sewn up by a healthy person without signs of an acute infectious disease. A torpedo for alcoholics is contraindicated:

  • people with serious diseases of the cardiovascular system;
  • people with certain diseases of the hearing and vision;
  • if you are allergic to the drug that is in the ampoule;
  • with diabetes;
  • with serious diseases of the respiratory system (tuberculosis, bronchial asthma, etc.);
  • with inflammatory diseases in the gastrointestinal tract;
  • with oncological diseases, etc.

The consequences of the action of the drug disulfiram have a very negative effect on the condition of the fetus and newborn, so pregnant women and nursing mothers should not be hemmed.

The place where the torpedo is sewn in is chosen quite carefully, it should be located on that part of the human body that is least exposed to friction with clothing.

Most often this is the left iliac region.

What is a torpedo? It is a small capsule. Before sewing it in, a person undergoes a thorough procedure to remove alcohol from the body. The selected area is then anesthetized. A small incision is made on it, a little more than half a centimeter. The doctor pushes the tissue under the skin and introduces Torpedo. After the introduction of the capsule, a sterile dressing is applied to the incision site.

Then comes the provocation phase of the organism. During it, the doctor checks the effect of the torpedo, and the patient develops a stable aversion to alcohol. He is given a few glasses of vodka or a bottle of beer to try, and then the consequences of the penetration of acetaldehyde into the tissues come:

  • there is a strong nausea, a person loses control over himself;
  • then he begins to feel very sick up to vomiting;
  • characteristic redness or rash appears on the skin;
  • pressure is significantly reduced and, as a result, severe headache and weakness appear;
  • heartbeat is very fast.

If a person is given a very large amount of the drug or has consumed a large amount of alcohol, a coma may occur with a risk of cardiac or respiratory collapse.

The term for coding with a Torpedo injection depends on the degree of concentration of the drug in the ampoule. It usually ranges from 6 months to 3 years. Usually during this time, a person develops a stable aversion to any kind of alcohol.

Special instructions for the treatment of alcoholism by the method of sewing in a torpedo

Sewing in a torpedo is very effective in the fight against the body, but at the same time it can become a serious danger to human life. A patient with alcoholism should understand that if a large amount of ethyl alcohol is consumed in the body, serious acetaldehyde poisoning will occur.

This can provoke a violation of the functions of the respiratory and cardiac systems, the occurrence of convulsions and severe swelling of the limbs and face.

In some cases, when using a torpedo, people experience side effects from exposure to Disulfiram . Often this is the presence of a metallic taste in the mouth, disruption of the visual system, skin rashes, damage to the nerves of the lower extremities.

When using torpedoes, side effects may appear in the places where the drug is sewn in. So, with improper care of the incision site, suppuration or tissue necrosis may begin, so the bandage must be changed several times a day and this place must be treated with hydrogen peroxide or any other disinfectant liquid.

In order to prevent thrombosis, the patient must take a course of anticoagulants for several weeks after suturing.

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