Plan to eradicate alcoholism approved

The plan to eradicate alcoholism was approved by the Prime Minister of the
Russian Federation, according to him, by 2020, Russians will reduce the consumption of
alcoholic beverages by more than 50%. In theory, citizens should reduce
their alcohol consumption to the level stipulated by the plan of the World Health Organization

The plan to eradicate alcoholism has been approved and is already being
implemented. In the first few years, alcohol consumption is expected
to decline by 15% thanks to the lower price range cap. Starting in 2013
, the government will come to grips with the elimination of all illegal
alcohol trafficking in Russia. It is planned to introduce criminal liability for illegal trade in
alcohol, the price will be proportional to the strength of the drink. There will also be
significant restrictions on product advertising, and hidden advertising will be
banned altogether.

In each subject, preventive and
anti-alcohol programs will be introduced , based on the customs and traditions of each
specific subject. The plan for the eradication of alcoholism has been approved, and a
place has been set aside for various rehabilitation centers and centers for training
specialists in this field. According to statistics, about 75,000 people
die every year because of alcohol, about 25,000 die due to poisoning with
low-quality products. The main problematic contingent is men
aged 40 to 60 years.

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