Causes of alcoholism

Let’s try to understand the true causes of alcoholism. Most assume that alcoholism is a physical addiction and that if you are sick it is incurable. In fact, alcoholism is a psychological addiction. Therefore, it is possible to recover from it.  

Any person has several basic needs: “food”, “heat”, “light”, “water”, “attention”. One of the basic needs is to love and be loved. It is embedded in our consciousness from birth. At an early age, when a child begins to realize himself as a person and to demonstrate his ā€œIā€, he also begins to demand from the parents the manifestation of this very love. In fact, more often than not, he hears that now is not up to him, that there are many things to do, etc. When a holiday is planned and the parents got drunk a little … ” Usyu-syu “, “hold a candy for a chocolate bar” … And what’s in  

As a result, what happens to the child’s psyche? .. He gets the love he needs
and sees thanks to what … That is, you can already guess where the
main cause of alcoholism lies . Moreover, if we consider that in childhood, it is the parents that are the subject of imitation for children . 

Then, the child grows up to the age of 13 – 16 years. A teenager at
this age is constantly trying to prove something to himself and others, to become
independent, an adult. And what is required for this? Correctly. Doing what is
allowed for adults, but prohibited for a child! And the boy or girl does not realize the
harmfulness of these thoughts and actions. This is where the next reason for alcoholism manifests itself.
After all, a drunk teenager does not feel fear, problems, and even fun at the same time …

Alcohol itself has tremendous penetrating
power. In addition, it also promotes the breakdown of foods. And this is what happens in our stomach. Alcohol splits off all sorts of toxins and carcinogens from food and directly delivers them into the bloodstream, with the help of which it dissipates freely throughout the body. 


Alcoholism is also caused by the fact that alcohol
dulls all of a person’s senses. It preserves the nerve nodes, as a result,
while we drink, we do not feel physical pain. He helps to “forget” in this
terrible and terrible world. Only now, when the alcoholic intoxication passes, then all
problems and pains fall out with a vengeance. And a person finds the
simplest and easiest way to solve this problem – he begins to constantly
drink alcohol.

Doctors do not undertake to name the exact cause of alcoholism. There are some factors contributing to its development. Very often, the cause of alcoholism is the social factor, family well-being, heredity. Although it is not uncommon for people to become alcoholics from very prosperous families, without material and personal problems. 

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