The basics of removing alcohol intoxication

Often after a binge or just overdoing it with alcohol, the question arises of how to remove alcohol intoxication. It is worth noting that with the help of this term, doctors denote severe poisoning, the cause of which was a large amount of alcohol. It is worth noting that there are different degrees of alcohol intoxication, with the most severe, urgent help is required. Most often, the consequences are eliminated with medication in a hospital.

How does intoxication manifest?

It’s not a secret for anyone that after taking alcohol, the body feels a serious load, as in case of poisoning with poisons that can paralyze the nervous system. In addition, alcohol leads to a variety of different disorders. Most often, after poisoning, the condition depends not only on the amount drunk, but also on the individual characteristics of the person, which must be taken into account when therapy is selected.

Depending on how much ethanol is in the body, the degree of intoxication can be divided into three stages:

  • The first is the lightest – the concentration of alcohol within its framework does not exceed 1.5 ppm. Most often, with such an amount of alcohol, only mental functions are affected.
  • With the help of an average degree, the content is determined not more than 2.5 ppm. In this case, the manifestation of neurological symptoms also begins.
  • Severe intoxication can reach up to five ppm. It is already expressed in a very strong violation of the functions of individual organs and systems. Most often, emergency first aid is required. The patient is poisoned in a hospital, as his life is in danger.

It is worth noting that severe poisoning has a number of signs by which it can be identified and, accordingly, go to emergency care. Most often, there is severe nausea and vomiting, which can turn into convulsions. The mental state is marked by serious disorders, in especially severe forms up to coma. Breathing is slow, with gaps of more than ten seconds. The body temperature drops below normal, the skin turns pale, cyanosis appears. 

How to deal with it

If, after a binge or just yesterday’s libation, you feel that you have been poisoned, it is necessary to remove alcohol intoxication. Treatment involves the use of various methods. Most experts recommend abandoning traditional folk methods, such as pickle, etc. Pharmacotherapy should be prescribed in combination with a special diet. It is worth noting that you need to work quickly.

First aid should be provided immediately upon detection of signs of poisoning. The fact is that if therapy does not start immediately, poisons accumulate in the blood, which can aggravate the situation and lead to more serious forms of intoxication. As a result, getting rid of negative manifestations will no longer be so easy, especially at home. You will need help from a specialist.

If the intoxication is small, you can use pills and drugs that are sold in pharmacies, which are presented as drugs that quickly help to cope with a hangover. Most often, such drugs are in the form of powders, there are also tablets. However, it should be understood that even if drugs are positioned as fast acting, then you should not expect an immediate effect.

If we are talking about severe intoxication, then first aid in this case is based on preventing further absorption of alcohol by the blood. For this it is worth using activated carbon. It is recommended to drink it in an amount of at least ten tablets. Activated carbon, or rather, its amount for admission is calculated taking into account the weight of a person. After the activated charcoal is taken, you can proceed to gastric lavage. For better absorption, it is recommended to dilute the activated carbon in a little water. In this form, the tablets will be absorbed faster by the intestines.

To prevent alcohol poisoning, activated charcoal is recommended to be consumed during a meal. The activated charcoal will absorb the alcohol, which will help the body cope with the effects of its breakdown. For such therapy, it is recommended to take activated charcoal (two tablets) one hour before a meal. After that, activated charcoal is taken again every hour. In total, activated charcoal can be taken in the amount of ten tablets.

For rinsing, use ordinary warm water. To induce the gag reflex, you can irritate the root of the tongue. At the same time, it is necessary to assist the body in terms of protection from possible collapse. For intramuscular administration, caffeine or cordiamine is recommended.

Getting rid of toxins

To ensure detoxification of the body, you can use Reamberin solution. Reamberin helps to get rid of intoxication. In addition, Reamberin blocks the hypoxic effect. Reamberin also has mild diuretic properties. Reamberin can help to activate the processes associated with the excretion of bile acids, metabolic products and toxins. 

Reamberin contains electrolytes, succinic and fumaric acid. It is due to these substances that Reamberin helps in the removal of toxic substances. At the same time, Reamberin helps to gently get rid of acidosis. If Reamberin is not on hand, sodium thiosulfate can be used.

Reamberin is not the only option. Another drug that helps get rid of intoxication is Hepa-Merz. Hepa-Merz is based on ornithine aspartate. Due to their formula, Hepa-Merz tablets help get rid of ammonia, which is absorbed by the active components of the drug. Ammonia is a poisonous substance and is most often formed in large quantities in diseases that are accompanied by intoxication.

Thus, with the help of Hepa-Merz, you can get rid of ammonia. Such medications should act as first aid, especially if a person suffers from kidney and liver failure.

In addition to their main active ingredient, drugs such as Hepa-Merz have auxiliary ones that help in the rapid release and absorption of the drug into the body. It is worth noting that Hepa-Merz, despite its good composition, cannot be recommended as a therapy in the treatment of withdrawal symptoms or complications that occur after a binge.

The fact is that Hepa-Merz tablets have such excipients as sodium cyclamate, saccharin and dye, which negatively affects the patient’s condition. Therefore, Hepa-Merz is not recommended to be used after a binge, but if the elimination of intoxication after excessive drinking is required, Hepa-Merz will help with this.

Thiosulfate as an assistant

Sodium thiosulfate is included in those drugs that are recommended when treatment of alcoholism is needed, especially after a long binge. Sodium thiosulfate helps in the development of a persistent aversion to alcohol.

Such therapy is based on the fact that sodium thiosulfate, when combined with alcohol, suggests severe vomiting and diarrhea. Not the most pleasant feeling after drinking alcohol. It is worth noting that such a disgusting therapy, in which sodium thiosulfate is used, has proven itself very well in removing from hard drinking. It is not for nothing that the drugs of this segment have been used for more than half a century to get a person out of a long binge.

Sodium thiosulfate can also be used in case of intoxication. Depending on how severe and for what specific intoxication treatment is required, sodium thiosulfate is administered intravenously in an amount of 5-50 ml. You need to use sodium thiosulfate in the form of a 30% solution. Treatment can also be performed by ingestion. For this, sodium thiosulfate is used in an amount of 2-3 grams in the form of a 10% solution. 

Very often, infusion therapy is used to treat severe intoxication, especially after a long binge. Infusion therapy is a drip.

In particular, for its composition, drugs such as glucose flavored with a vitamin complex are used. Treatment involves the use of ascorbic acid and B vitamins (B1 and B6). Such drugs easily improve metabolic processes. This means that the treatment allows you to quickly get rid of toxins.

Very often, such pharmacotherapy for the withdrawal from binge is offered stationary. However, drip treatment can also be performed at home, with special equipment. In this case, the treatment of severe alcohol intoxication requires the constant presence of doctors.

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