Artificial alcohol will save alcoholics

The latest development of British scientists is artificial alcohol, which allows a person to drink without consequences. Unnatural alcohol also promotes relaxation and intoxication, but unlike real alcohol, it does not lead to depression if abused and does not cause pathological addiction.

This “non-alcoholic” alcohol was invented by the staff of the British Royal College . A group of scientists focused on the substances benzo-diazepines , which, by the way, are contained in Valium. As conceived by the developers, the new artificial alcohol should be unflavored and tasteless, since other components will give it the appropriate aroma and taste.   

According to the researchers, the new alcohol is intended to make the social climate healthier, to normalize the health of British citizens, undermined by alcohol addiction. According to statistics, over the past year in Britain, more than nine hundred thousand people were taken to clinics through the fault of alcohol, of which about ten thousand ended up fatally.

In addition to deaths due to alcohol intoxication, alcoholism threatens with frequent accidents – fires and drowning, hanging and car accidents, as well as violence among relatives and friends. Scientists who have developed artificial alcohol claim that they have already tested it on themselves, and it met all their expectations. The only problem is the legalization of new alcohol, since benzo-diazepines are banned by the state.

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