How to recover quickly and correctly after taking alcoholic products?

Everyone who “had a good walk” with the use of alcoholic beverages thinks about how to recover after alcohol. The culprit of unpleasant sensations are toxins formed in the body during the breakdown of alcohol derivatives. And until you get rid of them, hangover symptoms will be present. But in fact, moving away from drinking at home is quite simple. And this does not require expensive drugs. What to do and where to start?

The simplest tips for dealing with a hangover

So, if you feel bad after drinking, then you should start by taking medications that absorb toxins in the gastrointestinal tract. It can be ordinary activated carbon, but enterosgel is better . The latter can generally be taken before bedtime. During the night, almost all toxins will be neutralized, and from the negative consequences of drinking alcohol, only an unpleasant aftertaste in the mouth will remain.

Will a cold shower help relieve the condition? Just 10-20 minutes. And if we are talking about the cold season, then the shower will not bring any effect at all. Instead, it’s better to just go out into the fresh cool air (even a balcony will do) or turn on the air conditioner (if any). But a contrast shower will help get rid of the “helicopters” before going to bed.

To cleanse the body of the remnants of alcohol, it is recommended to drink brine. With its help, the acid-salt balance in the gastrointestinal tract is restored, the work of the stomach is stimulated. Breakfast should not be abandoned, even if you feel sick, but you do not need to cook something “heavy”. It is better to limit yourself, for example, to oatmeal, a salad of fresh vegetables and fruits, ice cream. The latter, by the way, acts like strong coffee – invigorates and refreshes.

But contrasting washing and makeup will help bring your face in order. Unfortunately, other methods are not recommended, including taking aspirin (acetylsalicylic acid). Swelling is eliminated by fresh parsley. It is enough to eat a few branches, and the face will return to normal much faster.

Is it possible to improve health with a small dose of alcohol? For the body, this is an additional burden, although it is still possible to temporarily remove the symptoms of a hangover using this method. Its secret lies in physiological deception. When ethyl alcohol enters the stomach, the mechanisms of alcohol digestion are switched on again, which makes it possible to speed up the process of ethanol withdrawal. That is, it will become easier, but not for the body. And the residual symptoms will be accompanied by longer (most likely, until the end of the day).

How to urgently put yourself in order?

And there are situations when you drank too much alcohol the day before, and in the morning you need to be “like a piece of glass”. What recommendations in this case will help eliminate or prevent a hangover? First of all, drinking water will help to recover from alcohol. However, you should not drink more than 200 ml (glass) at one time. It is better to stretch for 3-4 doses over the next 1.5-2 hours. This will slowly stimulate the body to absorb fluids and prevent stomach pain. There should also not be eaten immediately, but after at least 30-60 minutes (the longer, the better).

What to do if you have a headache? It is better to immediately take a few tablets of cofalgin (the active ingredient is caffeine), as well as enterosgel in any form (paste, soluble powder). By the way, how do the Irish manage to get away after drinking? With a few glasses of non-alcoholic beer. But you need exactly natural, brewed on the basis of hop malt. Unfortunately, in Russia this is difficult to get.

How to quickly move away from drinking before going to work? Instead of a large amount of water, it is better to drink the so-called bloody cocktail, consisting of a glass of tomato juice and a chicken egg (or 4 quail eggs). If you drank too much the day before, then this advice will not only help restore the salt balance, but also get rid of an unpleasant aftertaste in your mouth. In addition, it is recommended to use a mouthwash.

How to quickly recover after drinking and a short sleep? Best Methods:

  • drink kefir;
  • make breakfast from an omelette (be sure to use fresh milk) and red caviar;
  • eat sour lemon or grapefruit.

You need to understand that these recommendations do not completely eliminate the hangover, but only relieve painful symptoms, headache, intoxication.

The body itself will continue to fight with ethanol.

How to quickly move away from alcohol and get rid of an unpleasant smell? Chamomile and mint tea will help here. You can simply add these herbs to green tea and insist for at least 15-20 minutes. At this time, you can take a warm shower (in no case cold and not contrasting) and just put your appearance in order.

Recommendations for women

Oddly enough, but for women, there are different rules for dealing with a hangover. They are helped to move away from alcohol by yogurt or sourdough. But in no case should it be taken in too large a dose. The best option is 1 glass. And after 20-30 minutes you can start drinking water. You can also make your own cold green tea with lemon (half water, half ice cubes). Many advise this method of eliminating headaches.

How to put yourself in order after drinking and stormy festivities? Ibuprofen helps women. But they should not be abused if there are problems with blood pressure and it is too high. You may get the opposite effect, or even feel discomfort in the region of the heart (which indicates the tension of the heart muscle).

So, there are many recommendations on how to put yourself in order after drinking. Of the generally accepted, one should not use only a contrast shower and the use of a new dose of alcohol. These are tips that can only harm, or even aggravate the situation. The best option is to accelerate the removal of toxins and restore the acid-base balance in the body. And coffee, ice cream, iced tea will help to cheer up.

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