Brain proteins help cure alcoholism

A group of American scientists made a new discovery during the study, thanks to the results of which it will be possible to create new methods of combating alcohol dependence.

Specialists from the University of North Carolina have found a natural protein in the brain that helps an alcohol addict to suppress cravings for alcohol. In theory, drugs based on this protein could be potent in the fight against alcohol dependence.

“Using certain genetic and pharmaceutical techniques, we were able to determine that the neuropeptide present in the brain is capable of“ suppressing ”destructive behavior in humans. In addition, we have found that this component of the human brain has an effect on the amygdala, which is associated with stress and rewards. We can confidently say that the new anti-alcoholic effect is due to an increased degree of inhibition of the cell population, which is responsible for the production of the “alcohol molecule. All experiments were carried out with the participation of laboratory rodents “” – the authors of the study note.

Experts claim that the use of this protein can correct unhealthy behaviors, such as the habit of becoming unconscious.

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