How to get out of the binge

Binge is the highest degree of alcoholism, which manifests itself in stages 2-3 of alcoholism. It is characterized by the fact that the alcoholic drinks for several days, but drinks no longer for pleasure, but because he believes that he will die if he does not drink. This is where the narcotic essence of alcohol is expressed. At one point, a heavily drinking person cannot hold back the morning withdrawal and first passes one glass. After a few hours, the relief brought by one dose goes away , and the body “demands” to repeat … Not knowing how to get out of the binge, you can lose a person, because, according to statistics, thousands of alcoholics die during binge every year. This equates the effects of alcohol to the effects of drugs such as heroin.

The dissatisfaction of relatives who are pestered by a drunken alcoholic is understandable. In order to stop the binge, they do not give the alcoholic money and ways to achieve the goal. Nevertheless, you should be patient, since there are not so many ways to get out of the binge at home. Moreover, if the patient himself does not want it. The most reliable way to get out of hard drinking is to go to a drug treatment hospital or psychiatric clinic. Here they will definitely provide the necessary assistance, and in a few days the alcoholic can be taken home. Among the disadvantages of this method is registration with a narcologist, as well as the need for voluntary hospitalization, which is quite difficult to achieve.

If the hospitalization trick does not work, you yourself should know how to get out of the binge. First of all, it makes no sense to take away alcohol, because often people in a state of binge are unpredictable, it is better to take care of your health. If a person is drunk, then you should not call a doctor at home. It is not safe. Better to wait until the alcoholic sleeps. A person who is intoxicated should not be given certain medications, in particular, sleeping pills, which can both increase intoxication and provoke the patient’s death.

It is necessary to choose the right moment when the time comes to act. It is better to wait for the alcoholic to sober up and feel the approach of the hangover syndrome. This is just the time when you need to think about how to get out of the binge. An alcoholic has high blood pressure, tachycardia, nausea, and vomiting are observed. He asks for a drink. If you give him a hangover, the binge will continue. Instead, you should call a doctor, because often an alcoholic is so bad that he himself asks for help and experiences terrible sensations from the slightest dose of alcohol.

In such cases, it is worth calling an ambulance, because a hangover condition contributes to the occurrence of diseases such as stroke, hypertensive crisis, delirium tremens. In the most severe cases, death can also occur. Emergency doctors, as a rule, limit themselves to injections of magnesia or diphenhydramine, which will alleviate the suffering of the alcoholic. If such conditions are common, then it is necessary to have contact with a trusted narcologist, whose help will be most effective. A hangover, despite all the danger it carries, is very quickly and efficiently removed by the use of medicines. Sleep is also important, which helps to stop the binge.

Asking how to get an alcoholic out of a binge, many begin to give medications on their own, which is strictly prohibited, because a specialist, when choosing a particular medicine, as well as an administered dose, is guided by such important factors as blood pressure, pulse, liver condition, age, sex, weight of the patient, etc. If the ambulance refuses to accept the call, and the patient’s condition becomes worse and worse , it is necessary to take the patient to a psychiatric or narcological clinic by themselves. If urgent help is required, he will be accepted without any documents or referrals. After all, here we are already talking about life and death.

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