Chinese medicinal plant will cure alcoholism

Alcoholism is called by many experts a real misfortune of modern mankind. There are different reasons for each person’s addiction to alcohol. But, one way or another, in most cases, regular abuse of alcoholic beverages over time leads to the formation of persistent alcohol dependence.

There are several ways to treat alcoholism in modern narcology – coding, taking medications, hypnosis techniques, and so on. However, as experts note, due to the many reasons for the development of alcoholism, the existing methods of its treatment may not give a stable positive result. 

However, a group of specialists from Harvard Medical School has discovered a unique universal remedy that can be successfully used to treat alcoholism. This remedy is an extract of the Chinese plant Kudzu . The active substances that make up this plant reduce the intensity of the manifestations of the need to consume alcoholic beverages. Thus, the extract of this herb can be taken as a basis for the development of a universal remedy for alcohol addiction. The plant has acquired beneficial properties in relation to the treatment of alcoholism due to its constituent substance – isoflavone puerarin .

To participate in the study, ten young people of both sexes were selected who regularly drank alcohol. For four sessions, the participants took a product containing the isoflavone puerarin . The control group took a placebo. The results of the study showed that participants in the control group who took the substance began to show aversion to alcohol after the third dose of the drug.

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