In addition to obesity, the British are at risk of alcoholism

After a series of surveys and studies, British experts came to the conclusion that the country is threatened not only by obesity, but also by extremely severe alcohol dependence. According to scientists, if earlier a slightly tipsy couple of friends strolling through the streets early in the morning was considered an exception to the rule, now the rule is a crowd of drunk people who wander in search of alcohol. 

Experts in the report give uncomfortable data. For example, the number of cases of injuries and injuries that people receive due to alcohol intoxication is increasing. According to statistics, in the period from 2008 to the present, the number of hospitalizations of drunk people has increased by almost ten percent. At the moment, the organizers of the study note, every minute two people are brought to the clinics, victims of drunkenness. 

If we focus on a given trend, the development of which is very difficult to stop, then we can assume that by 2012 more than one million people will be hospitalized with injuries and injuries due to alcohol intoxication.

In Britain, more than fifteen thousand people die every year due to alcohol addiction. This number also continues to grow.

The organizers of the study believe that the solution to this problem may lie in a significant increase in the price of alcohol. According to experts, such an increase in alcohol prices will reduce the number of deaths by ten percent.   

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