Is it possible to drink vodka at a high temperature?

Hello! According to tradition, in our family, the beginning of a cold was treated with vodka and pepper. Stir, drink a shot at night – in the morning the disease was gone. Is it possible to drink vodka at a temperature of 38 and above?

The question of whether it is possible to drink vodka at a temperature is the subject of heated debate in many families. One spouse refers to the experience of his grandfather, who considered a glass of “white” a cure for all diseases. The second – on the opinion of doctors heard on TV: alcohol and temperature are incompatible.

Who is right? Is it possible to drink alcohol at a temperature or absolutely not? Is it possible to drink beer at a temperature? We will answer correctly when we understand the causes of fever and the mechanism of action of ethanol on the body. An increase in temperature is a consequence of the body’s struggle with viruses or bacteria. Usually it is accompanied by headaches, runny nose, feeling unwell.

In the past, to get rid of such negativity, people used alcohol at a temperature as a warming, analgesic and anesthetic, since no other methods were invented then. Now there are medications, but their intake is usually incompatible with the use of alcohol. Alcohol dilates blood vessels for a short time, which creates the illusion of warming, then sharply narrows them, which, on the contrary, leads to chills. Such fluctuations are especially dangerous for people with a sick heart and blood vessels.

Modern doctors recognize that a small amount of alcohol is useful (if there are no other contraindications) for a person who feels that he is on the verge of a cold, but there is no high temperature yet, it has only gone off scale by a few tenths over 37. In this case, our ancestors recommended taking a shot vodka with pepper, a glass of wine or beer. Mulled wine was especially popular – warmed wine, in which most of the alcohol evaporated due to heating, leaving only a liquid saturated with tartaric acid and microelements.

At low doses of ethanol, the body, as it were, “trains” before a serious fight against infection, mobilizes resources, and increases resistance. Therefore, it is rightly noted that lightly drinking people catch colds less often than teetotalers.

If the temperature has already risen above 38, drinking alcohol will mean that the body will have to fight on two fronts: against microbes and against the toxic effects of ethanol. And not every organism will master such a struggle. That is, to the question whether it is possible to drink alcohol at a temperature above 38 or not, it should be answered unequivocally: it is impossible.

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