Lethal dose of alcohol

Alcoholism always harms your health, you lose your habitual way of life, social position, you are abandoned by friends and loved ones. But do not forget that alcohol very often becomes the cause of death, if a lethal dose of alcohol enters the bloodstream, then everything will end in death. The body simply does not have time to purify the blood. Therefore, it is necessary to understand what the lethal dose of alcohol in the blood is and by all possible means to avoid reaching it.

Who brings himself to a lethal dose of alcohol

As a rule, dependent people who cannot imagine their life without vodka become victims of alcohol and systematically use it. The concentration of alcohol in the blood, in such people, is very high, sooner or later it reaches a lethal level and it is no longer possible to save a person, even if you call an ambulance. Practice also shows that such people increase the content of alcohol in the blood where there is no help, around the same alcoholics who are not able to call for help.

But you should not think that the lethal dose in ppm is achieved only by inveterate alcoholics, there are those who do not drink alcohol so often, but at one moment increase the dosage to a critical level. In this case, fatal alcohol poisoning is not such a frequent occurrence, but you must be careful and always have your head on your shoulders. But how much alcohol you need to drink that your body can not stand it.

What is the lethal dose of alcohol

Studies have shown that 5 ppm of alcohol is fatal to humans. In this case, the stage of severe intoxication comes after the concentration of alcohol in the blood reaches 2.5 ppm. This is the state when you can no longer reason sensibly, lose coordination, nausea and severe dizziness appear. Very few people get to the highest ppm blood levels, but there is always a risk. It happens that even after reaching a high level of alcohol, a person does not feel rejection, he continues to drink and reaches a lethal dose. This happens with alcohol addiction, but it also happens with healthy people.

Of course, the lethal dose of alcohol in ppm is determined only with the help of special equipment. For most people, this information will not be a warning, because you need to know how much all this will be in liters. It is not so difficult to carry out calculations and you can do it yourself. If you take a standard bottle of vodka in a capacity of 0.5 liters, then inside you will find 200 ml of pure alcohol. If you drink this dose of alcohol, you will reach the high stage of intoxication, but the critical threat cannot occur. This is a lot, you will be completely drunk, but the concentration of alcohol in the blood will be 2.5 ppm.

After making simple calculations, you can determine that the lethal dose will be reached after 1-1.5 liters of drunk vodka. Now you know what a lethal dose of alcohol is for a person and you can avoid it. If the concentration reaches 5 ppm, then even professional doctors will find it very difficult to help you. In order to reach a critical level, it is necessary to consume 1.5 liters of vodka in a short period, no more than one hour.

Lethal dose in beer and wine

Beer and wine are in great demand, these are the drinks that are consumed not only by people suffering from alcoholism, but also by most of the normal society. Of course, such drinks contain much less alcohol, so you need to drink a lot of alcohol to reach the critical dose. Units reach such a value, because the lethal dose of beer is so high that a person simply cannot drink such an amount of liquid. This can also be said about wine, you need to drink a large amount of wine to reach a critical threat, so only a few bring themselves to this.

Our body also knows how to protect itself and fight for life, so after a certain amount of time vomiting appears and the threat simply disappears. You know what the lethal dose of alcohol for a person is, but it is impossible to reach 5 ppm with the help of low-alcohol drinks, in a short time you will not drink a lot of beer or wine. In this case, you will harm your health, you may even need the help of specialists.

When taking even low-alcohol drinks, you must remember that your body may not withstand serious tests. You can reach the lethal point not only after you have reached a critical level of alcohol in the blood. If you suffer from heart failure or other health problems, drinking even small amounts of alcohol can be fatal. Therefore, in order to protect yourself and survive, you simply need to think with your head and not drink alcoholic beverages if you do not know how to do this.

Victims of alcohol dependence are at greater risk. The thing is that the body is so accustomed to alcohol that it simply does not make any attempts to reject it. That is why a person can drink a lethal dose in a short time and no one can save him.

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