Scientists are going to treat alcoholism with human protein

Experts have found that an increased protein content in a specific area of ​​the brain can cure a person from alcoholism and reduce many times the possibility of a secondary addiction to alcohol. At least this scheme works in laboratory rats. At the same time, the rest of the habits and reactions of the experimental animals remained unchanged.

In recent studies, rats with alcohol addictions were injected with protein directly into the brain. The results of the study showed that animals that could easily get to alcohol lost their inclination after injection. The positive effect of the injection lasted for about three hours.

In other studies, rats took part, which were instilled in the habit of drinking alcohol, and then completely eliminated it. As a rule, such animals, like humans, quickly recall their habit as soon as alcohol is within reach. However, protein injections prevent secondary alcoholism.

The organizers of the study state that anti-alcohol therapy did not change other habits and habits of laboratory animals, for example, the propensity to consume sugar.

Of course, if the agent is approved for the treatment of the human body, then the injections will be performed in a different way, for example, by taking drugs that increase the concentration of the rescue protein.

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