What is coding for alcoholism and how does it work?

In order to get rid of harmful addiction, coding for alcoholism has been introduced: what it is and how it happens, not everyone is yet aware. This is a method of psychotherapeutic influence, with the help of which it is possible to get rid of psychological dependence. The coding procedure gives the best result to patients who are more easily hypnotized.

What is coding?

Coding from alcoholism consists in influencing the subconscious in such a way that instead of pleasure from drinking alcohol, there is an aversion to them. After a person is coded and he understands that alcohol is harmful, the body begins to solve physiological problems on its own. The coding process implies that there should be no access to alcoholic beverages during treatment, so it is recommended to place the patient in the clinic for this period.

Many people are interested in how coding takes place. The procedure lasts for 20 minutes, however, preliminary preparation is required. Patients do not always know how many days they should not drink before coding. Abstinence from drinking alcohol should last from 15 to 30 days.

How is the reflex developed? In order to cause rejection as a result of the ingestion of ethyl alcohol, a gag reflex is used. Before starting the procedure, the patient needs to prepare psychologically. He is informed about the unpleasant consequences, the duration of treatment and the cost are specified. He signs an agreement, which reflects that in the case of drinking alcohol, serious consequences are possible, up to death.

Psychotherapeutic coding for alcoholism acts in such a way that even with the use of a small amount of alcohol (30-50 ml) it can cause severe poisoning.

The method is simple and fast acting, but only 20% of patients can be completely cured. The downside is a long course of treatment, the inability to use it immediately after drinking.

Modern coding methods

Now the question no longer arises of how to encode from alcohol: there are so many methods that it is difficult to count. According to the principle of action, they can be classified:

Medication – consist in the use of drugs, as a result of the use of alcohol inside causing its rejection.Drugs in the form of tablets, alcohol blockers , ethanol inhibitors.
Psychotherapeutic – affect mental perception.Author’s methods (Dovzhenko, Malkin, Rozhnov, etc.).
Hypnosis – individual or group influence.There are many techniques, some are carefully kept secret. There are directive and hidden directions, the psychotherapist selects the option, in each case, taking into account the patient’s condition.
Double blocking is the simultaneous use of two techniques.Spiral stitching and psychotherapeutic correction.
Hardware – the use of physiotherapy that helps get rid of cravings for alcohol.Electropulse, convulsive therapy, hyperthermia, laser exposure.

Considering that the treatment process is long, in order to encode from alcohol, it is recommended to use several methods at the same time. The choice of method should be carried out by the doctor. A big mistake is when the patient or his relatives choose the method of treatment on their own. In addition, the patient must have a desire to be treated. If there is no motivation, after a while he comes with a request to decode.

How much should I not drink before coding? With the drug method – from 1 day, with the psychotherapeutic method – up to 15 days. During this period, the body can recover, and the result of the procedure improves.

People who suffer from binge drinking and decide to undergo alcohol coding should not resort to the procedure at this time. It is required to interrupt the binge, detoxify in a hospital or at home. How much you should not drink depends on the method chosen.

Coding using the drug method

This is the most popular method by which alcoholism is coded (especially in the chronic form). It is used everywhere. This is partly due to the ability to solve the problem in a short time. The action of drugs comes quickly, lasts depending on the dosage, method of administration and form of the drug, the characteristics of the organism.

The method has the following advantages:

  • any stage and form of drunkenness can be treated;
  • has no alternative treatment in case of overdose, alcohol poisoning, delirium tremens;
  • gives a good result in maintenance therapy and prevention of exacerbation of the disease;
  • a wide range of drugs and forms of administration;
  • there is always in pharmacies, an affordable injection technique.

This method is contraindicated when:

  • stroke, myocardial infarction;
  • epilepsy;
  • diabetes.

Currently using:

  • Algominal (according to experts, is the most effective drug, completely eliminates cravings for alcohol);
  • Vitamerz Depot (suitable to be encoded for up to 5 years);
  • Actoplex (suitable for patients with withdrawal symptoms); how the process takes place: first, detoxification is carried out using a dropper, after which Actoplex is administered .

Coding means acting as placebo

Can be encoded by drugs that do not interact in the body with ethyl alcohol. For this purpose, nicotinic acid is used: after intramuscular injection, capillaries expand and the following symptoms occur:

  • hyperemia of the neck, face, shoulders;
  • feeling of tingling and heat;
  • slight dizziness;
  • sour taste in the mouth;
  • slight pain at the injection site.

After the introduction of the drug, the doctor gives a small amount of alcohol and explains the symptoms listed above as a consequence of coding. He explains that manifestations will occur each time after drinking alcohol. This method is based on suggestion.

Acupuncture Coding

There are points on the body that are responsible for addiction to alcohol. If they are affected by thin needles, it is possible to eliminate bad habits. To enhance the effect, you need to spend several sessions, and then undergo a rehabilitation course.

Sewing in ampoules

Such methods have been used for a long time, drugs Esperal , Torpedo, Aquilong , etc. are used. As soon as alcohol appears in the blood, systems that can break down ethyl alcohol molecules are blocked. As a result, the level of acetone in the blood rises, which causes unpleasant consequences. The patient has a fear of a possible fatal outcome, which keeps him from drinking alcohol.

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