Social media is increasingly becoming a cause of alcoholism

In recent times, social networks have become an integral part of life. People cannot live a day without looking at their social media page. networks, comments, correspondence. This mainly applies to adolescents and young people.

Experts have already stated many times about the detrimental effect of social networks on human life,

… A relationship has already been established between the use of social media and the occurrence of depression and suicidal thoughts.

A group of scientists from the University of Michigan conducted a study that showed that the more often a person leaves comments on posts that are related to the topic of alcohol, the more often they want to kiss the bottle.

After observing 400 volunteers who read posts about alcohol on Facebook and then shared their feelings, the scientists found that the majority of social media users expressed a desire to drink.

According to experts, the social network involves people in discussion of various topics, thus causing the desire to immerse themselves in such an atmosphere on their own. So, reading and commenting on videos and photos about alcohol, a person subconsciously thinks about the possibility of drinking alcohol.

It is especially negatively manifested on the psyche of adolescents who have been subjected to a false sense of the “coolness” of alcoholic beverages, which can cause adolescent alcoholism.

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