Symptoms of female alcoholism

The body of a woman, despite its apparent fragility and weakness, is often stronger than the body of a man. A woman endures pain more steadily and suffers diseases accompanied by an increase in temperature. Even in endurance and strength, despite the specific structure of the muscular apparatus, women are often ahead of the stronger sex. In the end , even the life span of women, despite all the nerves and stress, is longer, as a rule, than that of the average man. 

A strong female body can more easily endure all the hardships except for one misfortune – female alcoholism. Among other things, the symptoms of female alcoholism and its course in women are much more pronounced in comparison with male drunkenness.

Symptoms of female alcoholism begin to appear when a woman is drawn into this kind of “occupation”. There may be several reasons for female alcoholism:

– unfavorable conditions of a social nature, which include material problems, difficult conditions at work, unsatisfactory social status, upbringing and education;

– shocks and experiences of a psychological and emotional nature, for example, the death of a loved one or dismissal from work;

– a specific social circle of a woman, which includes men who are not indifferent to alcohol;

– holding a position in a firm that sells or produces alcohol;

– crime and prostitution;

– diseases of the psyche and nerves, as well as a tendency to be led by someone else’s opinion.

If a woman begins to experience alcohol dependence, then in comparison with the stronger sex, addiction and full-fledged dependence develop in her much faster. And all the symptoms of female alcoholism are more pronounced.

For example, if a man needs to drink alcohol regularly for about ten years to become an alcoholic, then a woman will only need five years to develop a persistent alcohol dependence. In addition, the development of symptoms of female alcoholism is so rapid that often the treatment of alcoholism in women is significantly complicated.

Compared to men, women develop early health problems due to the development of symptoms of female alcoholism. Among the most common pathologies that arise as symptoms of female alcoholism are liver and pancreas damage. Among other things, in women, against the background of prolonged alcohol abuse, mental disorders begin to develop faster, which further aggravate alcoholism.

Against the background of taking alcohol, a woman’s character changes. This is expressed in the strengthening of such traits as nervousness and hysteria, aggression and selfishness. Much earlier than the representatives of the stronger sex, encephalopathy develops, expressed in dementia and degenerative personality changes. All these pathological changes become an insurmountable obstacle on the path of female consciousness to the rejection of alcohol. Patients are not able to fully realize their illness and cannot decide to refuse to take alcohol. In other words, any normal full-fledged woman under the influence of alcohol can turn into a demented, mentally ill patient.

It is extremely difficult to return a woman who is dependent on drunkenness to a normal life, since getting rid of the symptoms of female alcoholism is much more difficult even in the early stages of its development than the treatment of alcoholism in men.

The very scheme of treating the symptoms of female alcoholism practically does not differ from the therapy of alcohol dependence in the stronger sex. However, in the case of women, doctors and loved ones of the patient require much more patience and attention.

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