Diagnosis withdrawal syndrome in alcoholism treatment at home

Craving for alcohol is, from a medical point of view, an abstinence syndrome in alcoholism, the treatment of which at home consists in a whole range of psychological and physiological procedures for the rehabilitation of the patient. The withdrawal of the withdrawal syndrome is stretched for a period of several days to months, depending on the duration of the previous binge. And you need to take into account the factor that not always treatment at home brings the desired result. In many cases, medical assistance is indispensable. In particular, this concerns the restoration of the patient’s social status.

Traditional methods of elimination of abstinence syndrome

The traditional treatment for alcohol withdrawal syndrome is to wait for the moment when the derivatives of alcohol ethyl surrogate are completely eliminated from the body. This process can take from several days to weeks. Worst of all are those cases when the victim also develops delirium tremens. It indicates a certain dysfunction of the central nervous system. Unfortunately, it is impossible to make any predictions here. Each organism reacts individually to severe alcohol intoxication. Someone immediately develops an alcohol withdrawal syndrome, while others can drink for a whole month, but at the same time they need only a few days to recover.

What to do at home with withdrawal symptoms? Doctors recommend giving the patient as much fresh drink as possible (it can be teas, brine), and with it sleeping pills. Sleeping like this is the best medicine. When the patient is awake, he can be given a diuretic. This will speed up the removal of toxins from the body. It is advisable at the same moment to ask him about the presence of pain in the liver, kidneys, heart, head. Such symptoms may indicate that alcohol dependence has led to physical damage to the organs. Here, without medical assistance, it will no longer be possible to do.

Doctors even argue that the best “medicine” that allows you to quickly neutralize the withdrawal syndrome in alcoholism is a light and healthy diet. The diet should include vegetables, fruits, milk, light and medium carbohydrates. But fat should be temporarily abandoned: for the stomach it will be too much of a burden. In the future, it is possible to stop alcohol withdrawal syndrome if neither sleeping pills nor diet help the patient. It implies treatment in a hospital.

Folk methods of dealing with cravings for alcohol

There are folk remedies that also quite successfully allow you to get rid of signs of craving for alcohol. One of the most effective among them is a decoction of horsetail. With its help, the removal of toxins from the body is accelerated by almost 2 times. However, the regeneration of the connective tissue of the organs proceeds in its usual mode. And you can remove the signs of a hangover with a decoction of yarrow and shepherd’s purse. The latter, by the way, contributes to the normalization of the alkaline balance in the body.

Relief of the withdrawal syndrome can be completely carried out with the help of herbal collection. They are ready-made sold in almost every pharmacy. They include sage, chamomile, extract from celandine, tree fungus, bluebells, and so on. They act in a complex way – they reduce the effect of toxins (alcohol derivatives) on the central nervous system and at the same time accelerate the regeneration of organs, eliminating their dysfunction.

Many healers still use such a remedy as celandine tincture. But it should be abandoned, since the juice of this plant is extremely poisonous. Probably, it is because of this that it has a certain effect on the functioning of the central nervous system. To remove the withdrawal syndrome at home with the help of celandine will not work, moreover, it is dangerous.

Another side of the question: how to get rid of addiction? But here there is no definite answer. Some experts recommend taking various kinds of homeopathic remedies, others recommend walnuts. You will have to use at least 2-3 recommendations to clearly define the stage of the withdrawal syndrome and its period. Unfortunately, getting rid of alcohol addiction only with the help of alternative medicine will not work.

We should not forget the fact that you can easily call a narcologist at home – such a service is provided even in city clinics. He will prescribe those drugs that will eliminate the post-abstinence syndrome in a few days, but only if the disease is diagnosed in a timely manner, and the prescribed treatment is effective.

Medications for the treatment of withdrawal symptoms

The main drugs that are actively used to treat withdrawal symptoms are the so-called coders.

Their purpose is to cause powerful intoxication when consuming a minimal dose of alcohol. An example of such a medicine is Proproten 100. True, it should be used only on the direct recommendation of the attending physician. For the period of exacerbation, drugs such as Phenozepam are used , which give a sedative effect and reduce the pain of symptoms. These funds are generally recommended to be taken exclusively under the strict supervision of a physician, since exceeding the permissible dose entails many consequences.

Another relief of withdrawal syndrome is performed with the help of:

  • Medichronal ;
  • Seduksen;
  • Sonapaksa ;
  • Alco -stop.

These funds can be used even with active alcoholism. They help reduce alcohol cravings. The rest, as a rule, are in one way or another their derivatives.

At home, the treatment of withdrawal syndrome is complicated by the fact that the patient actually has the opportunity to gain access to alcoholic beverages. The minimum accepted dose nullifies all the methods that have been tried before to treat addiction.

The rehabilitation process

No less important is the psychological rehabilitation of alcoholism. In many cases, it becomes a key factor in recovery. For example, abstinence in the future will not make itself felt at all if you take a course of social integration. That’s just such help in clinics is extremely rare. In most cases, alcohol addiction treatment is handled exclusively by a narcologist. And you need to understand that if the hangover disappears in 2-5 hours, the withdrawal cider can make itself felt within 2-3 weeks.

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