Coding as a treatment for alcoholism

In our time, alcoholism has become a serious problem for many people. People who are addicted to alcohol sooner or later begin to cause big problems for those around them, close people, and for themselves. Doctors are actively looking for treatments for this addiction. One of the methods of treatment is coding, that is, the suggestion under the influence of hypnosis of fear of drinking. There are many methods of coding for alcoholism , which, however, can be divided into two main areas: psychotherapeutic and medication. 

What is alcohol addiction coding

The concept of coding was introduced in our country at the end of the twentieth century by Professor Dovzhenko in order to treat alcohol and nicotine addiction. In medical practice, this term means the introduction into the patient’s subconscious of an installation with a healing effect. This method is considered safe for human health, but sometimes it can lead to changes in the character and behavior of the patient.

There are a great many methods of coding for alcoholism , since every practitioner seeks to improve and refine the technology. Some drug therapists use music to introduce the patient into a trance, others use a flashing light, and still others use a monotonous movement. However, it cannot rid a person of the psychological problems that made him become an alcoholic. The method works most effectively for people who want to quit drinking because of a health problem, usually over 50. 

Dovzhenko’s psychotherapeutic coding method

The success of the Dovzhenko method is based on the fact that the previous methods of treating alcoholism were quite harsh and could cause a deterioration in human health. People attracted by mysterious rumors, the inaccessibility and uniqueness of Dovzhenko’s method, as well as his personal charisma, willingly came to the reception from all over the country. Dovzhenko’s method of coding for alcoholism helped to save a person from addiction for several years. However, there were several strict criteria for the selection of patients: the patient must completely agree to the treatment, must not be in a state of hangover or intoxication at the time of treatment, he must not have any mental disorders, damage to internal organs and other acute diseases, he must be susceptible to hypnosis. Dovzhenko’s coding method consists in instilling into the patient under hypnosis an aversion to alcohol, a mood for a healthy lifestyle. Soon the technique spread everywhere, losing its former exclusivity and, accordingly, effectiveness.     

Drug treatment for alcoholism

Drug coding methods for alcoholism are also called blocking alcohol dependence, or filing . These methods consist in the fact that a person is taken out of the binge, and then a course of treatment with drugs that block enzymes that process alcohols is started. As a result, the patient develops a physical intolerance to alcohol. The disadvantage of this technique is that a person cannot even tolerate the smell of perfumes and alcohol-based medicines. This method requires a preliminary complete cleaning of the body from alcohol (on average, within 10 days), and lasts from six months to a year, depending on the drugs used.  

The effectiveness of coding methods for alcohol addiction

You cannot cure a person who does not want to be healthy. All of these methods will help the patient stay away from drinking during the treatment, but this is only the initial stage. The main work should be carried out at the psychotherapeutic level – you need to have time to explain or inspire the patient with what harm he inflicts on himself. If you do not do this, the person will most likely fail and re-encoding will no longer be as effective as the first. But if the patient realizes all the harm of alcoholism and begins to strive for recovery, then the cure will almost certainly be successful.

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