Drinking energy drinks with alcohol increases the risk of developing alcoholism

A group of American researchers managed to find out that mixing alcoholic drinks with energy drinks leads to alcoholism faster. People who mix these drinks often drink more and get drunk faster than those who drink pure alcohol. And this applies to people of all ages.

Professor Jennifer Magg and Dr. Patrick of Penn State University, who led this study, reported that mixing energy drinks with alcohol can cause serious alcohol poisoning. In addition, such a “explosive” mixture can induce a person to behave in an inappropriate and antisocial manner.

The study involved 652 students. Scientists observed them for 14 days and asked them to give answers to questions regarding the use of energy drinks and alcohol. The volunteers were also asked to list the problems they faced with their alcohol use. Among them were painful conditions associated with a hangover, and trouble with the police.

After analyzing the results of the study, Dr. Patrick said that alcohol and energy drinks can cause serious health and behavior problems.

Researchers were concerned that energy drinks are becoming more popular among young people, and said the most serious steps needed to be taken to reduce the negative effects of energy drinks and the harm from mixing them with alcohol. In addition, recently it became known that energy drinks with a high caffeine content increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases, in particular arrhythmias, and also increase the likelihood of developing alcoholism.

“Energy drinks have proven themselves to be dangerous products, so there is a need to regulate their sales,” said Jennifer Magg .

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