How to quickly and urgently get out of binge drinking at home?

It is necessary to remove the drunken husband from a long state of alcoholic intoxication with his knowledge, so that he is ready for such a step and agrees to take folk remedies for hard drinking. That is, the treatment of the patient must begin with the approval of the alcoholic, otherwise the help will be in vain. Interrupting a binge at home seems to be a priority in most cases. For help in the matter, with the participation of doctors, you will have to pay a tidy sum, and many alcoholics simply do not have it. Therefore, treatment independently from prolonged use of high-grade drinks is suitable for many who have stumbled. How to quickly get out of hard drinking at home urgently – this question is answered below.

What will the healthcare providers offer?

If we briefly touch upon the medical ways of getting rid of a person from long-term alcohol dependence, then the first duty should be emphasized that this service, as a rule, is not free and is rendered by doctors for money.

The price includes:

  • caring for the patient while in the hospital;
  • use of droppers;
  • other medications;
  • other comprehensive assistance.

Interrupting a hard drinking at home eliminates all these requirements, which means that you can get your husband out of this state on your own – it saves the family budget, which has already suffered from the drunk decaliters. In principle, there is nothing complicated here. It goes without saying that it will not be possible to urgently get rid of a long-term alcohol addiction painlessly. A person who has been drinking alcohol for a long time has a weakened body. Therefore, getting out of binge drinking at home will require some effort on the part of the alcoholic.  

If you do not follow the stereotyped instructions, but rely solely on the experience of people who had to go through this, the question: how to get out of the hard drinking at home, lies in a slightly different plane. It will not consider the generally accepted methods that health workers recommend, for example, a drunken person, must definitely seek help from a narcologist, take certain medications at home, exclude alcohol for the duration of the vacation period and other recommendations for the patient.

In addition, these methods will not help everyone. Not everyone can independently stop drinking alcohol for many days, relying only on verbal, qualified help. Prolonged alcoholism is an insidious enemy, therefore, treatment for each patient should proceed on the basis of character traits, health status and other conditions.

When enlightenment comes

Considering the problem as a conclusion from the hard drinking at home, an important aspect should be clarified. If a drunken person decides to interrupt, to relieve the oppressive state with home methods, without hospitalization and hospitalization, it is important for the patient to structure a sequential chain of actions, as well as assess the situation who will help him. You can ask for a favor from close relatives (wife, brother, sister). Naturally, they will not interfere in this process without his knowledge. This means that you will either have to talk to them, ask for assistance, or rely only on your own strength.

We remind you that getting out of a long state of alcoholic euphoria is extremely difficult. If relatives agree to help with treatment, this is a sign that they care, then it is a sure sign for an alcoholic that he will receive moral and social support. If you have to endure a binge break at home alone, you should tune in to this and not panic. A competent, systematic approach will be the best tool. Consider the option when the use of alcohol proceeded in splendid isolation. Accordingly, one will have to leave the negative aura of long-term “fun” alone.

The question for an alcoholic, interrupting a binge at home should begin with the realization of the inevitability of getting out of high-degree intoxication. A person is obliged to understand – no matter how much he drinks, but sooner or later he will have to interrupt this state on his own.

A drunken alcoholic, when, in the morning, he firmly tells himself – enough, already, with his knowledge, will take the first step towards recovery. Further treatment begins. Considering alcoholism in this plane and, relying on the experience of most drunken people, we can state some similar dynamics of the development of events in each patient.

  1. The money has run out, and it is embarrassing to borrow from relatives for the “continuation of the banquet” or there is no desire.
  2. The whole body begins to ache: kidneys, liver, heart. The pressure rises.
  3. After realizing the amount of alcohol drunk and health problems, a persistent desire to quit drinking appeared.
  4. The patient develops an understanding of what all this will lead to.
  5. Rethinking the days of spree, the ban on haphazard drinking is intensified.

In principle, this is a standard set of phrases in the head of an alcoholic who has not sunk to the bottom and who, one way or another, already wants to end drunkenness.

The beginning of the cure

A person who has taken a drink for a week, two or a month will not be able to quickly get rid of alcohol addiction. A patient, without his knowledge, has different processes in the body than a healthy man. Every cell is poisoned with ethanol, and in order to cleanse the body, treatment will take from several days to a week.

Alcohol will completely leave the body within a month and a half. An instant and safe method has not yet been invented, so you should prepare to endure this dull, eerie state. A competent approach is what you need in the first few days after a long intoxication. It will provide a relatively quick way out of alcoholic euphoria without calling an ambulance. So, getting out of binge drinking at home is based on several conditions. The following is a rough routine for an alcoholic who decides to start treatment and help himself.

First day. If a drunken man drank not for a day or two, but much longer, then after deep understanding and a firm decision, he will need 6 liters of weak beer. He must necessarily divide this amount by the whole day. With beer he will be able to get rid of possible pains in the heart, trembling hands and oppressive feelings. When it gets easier, you need to think about how to create a positive dynamic.

Stop alcoholism just won’t work. It is imperative that if you have a computer, then find a lot of funny comedies, crazy TV series and calculate their number so that it will be enough for several days of watching. It is highly discouraged to watch everything related to murders, as well as horrors. After each liter of beer you drink, be sure to have a hearty meal. This sine qua non is included in a competent approach to how to quickly jump out of such a state.

What is?

  • Boiled meat, liver.
  • Cutlets, steamed fish.
  • Greens.
  • First course cooked in rich broth.
  • Drink weak tea and always with sugar.

It is not recommended to eat fried foods. The stomach is poisoned with ethanol and is not yet prepared for such a meal.

Long live new life

Second day. Stop alcoholism or get out of binge drinking at home – it is important to follow all of the above recommendations. To the list, you can also add the use of vitamin “C” – ascorbic acid – a shock dose. The next day you will have to take 4 liters of beer and also divide it for the whole day. So you can quickly stop the hangover and weaken the effects of the poisons that have accumulated in the body. This time is no different, and the second day can be brought to the denominator – slowly hangover and be sure to eat. An alcoholic must necessarily be aware that beer is a cure, and he drinks it in order to stop, alleviate his torment and suffering.

Day three and last, when you need alcohol. He is key in the question of how to get out of the hard drinking in the home walls. The patient has not yet finished treatment, but he should already feel better and the help of doctors will not be required. The prerequisites are outlined that it was actually possible to stop alcoholism with his knowledge. You can limit yourself to two liters of weak beer, but be sure to eat food with sweet tea.

The fourth day should be the first when the alcoholic starts a new life. Residual effects will still ferment in the body: slight dizziness, shortness of breath, “withdrawal”, but these are side effects that you can easily endure . At the end of the third day, the treatment ends and the alcoholic no longer needs help. In conclusion, it makes sense to note that before going to bed, on critical days, you need to prepare medicines for the heart and blood pressure: Validol, Corvalol, Raunatin or their analogues. This is just in case, if at night, suddenly, it becomes bad. And the main thing is to get more sleep.

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