What can be added to alcohol to make a person fall asleep?

What to add to alcohol to make a person fall asleep? This question is rarely asked out loud. When any person drinks in a circle of friends or acquaintances, he does not think about how and where he will fall asleep later. After all, there are 2 options: you can fall asleep either on your own, because you are tired and go to bed, or because the dose you have drunk exceeded the required amount (and this, most likely, can be called alcoholism). And if sleeping at home or with friends does not carry any risk for the person himself and his things, then for strangers, when you drink in excess of the norm, this can lead to unpleasant consequences in the form of a robbery, physical impact or an accident.

However, there is another option (alcoholic insomnia), when a heavily drunk person is not ready to go to bed, despite the sufficiency of alcohol intake, and continues to behave inappropriately towards others. As a result, one question arises, how to put a drunk to sleep. But first, let’s figure out why after alcohol you want to sleep. The reason lies in the structure of the vessels. Their expansion entails calming the central nervous system, which serves as one of the beacons for the body and causes falling asleep. The reason why you want to sleep with a hangover is the same. A person falls asleep if his central nervous system is in a calm state. However, with alcoholism, the body cannot interpret the signals, so the stage of sleep can occur for quite a long time. Especially alcoholics suffer when trying to fall asleep with a hangover, since the only desire is to remove dryness in the oral cavity. The methods described below are only intended to help put a drunk person to sleep, and not cure alcoholism at home.

Natural Ways to Calm Down a Drunk Man

First, you can resort to a simple belief, because all people are sane creatures, and you can agree. Often a conversation is enough to convince a person to fall asleep quickly. This method is especially effective when you need to fall asleep with a hangover.

Secondly, you can use another technique – ignoring a drunk person. This means ignoring all his provocations so that the person falls asleep. As a result, sooner or later he will get bored, and he will go to sleep.

Thirdly, if a drunk person still wants to show his character, then the only way to put him to bed is to stay away from him so that he cannot harm himself or others. After a while, you can notice that the person is still sleeping.

And fourthly, you can put a drunk person to sleep simply by talking or waiting. Just reduce any manifestation of his activity to a minimum. That is why you want to sleep with a hangover – human activity is at a minimum and the body has not yet returned to normal.

Medicinal ways to put a drunk person to sleep

There are also medicinal ways to lull a drunk. Consider what can be given to him.

Valerian extract or motherwort tincture may be used. These drugs are designed to calm the central nervous system. In a state of alcoholic excitement, they act in a similar way. The exposure time is quite long, so they are never used by scammers, since it is not advisable for them to add this medicine to a drunk person. The use of drugs is possible at home without a doctor’s prescription.

Strong sedatives are used (for example, phenazepam, diazepam and other drugs from this group).

Medicines are sold only by prescription. You can add them to make a person fall asleep, but the duration of the reaction is long (as in the first group of drugs). The drugs are designed to combat epilepsy, seizures and headaches. With the wrong dosage, consequences such as memory loss, respiratory arrest, etc. are possible. In addition, after sleeping, a person may develop hallucinations, memory impairment and confusion. In alcoholism, the use of these drugs is contraindicated.

In difficult cases, drugs intended for violent mentally ill patients are used. The action is aimed at complete calming of the central nervous system. Issued only by prescription of a psychiatrist. The speed of falling asleep with the help of the drug is a matter of minutes. This, of course, will help you fall asleep with a hangover, but it is impossible to buy such a remedy without a prescription.

Indirect drugs

Medicinal methods include drugs in which drowsiness is a side effect, such as clonidine. This medicine is used to combat hypertension, and is also known as a way to lay down a drunk person or intoxicate, including sober. In pharmacies, it is issued only by prescription, as it is addictive. When clonidine enters the body, it is rapidly absorbed along with alcohol. This method is used to treat alcoholism in the initial stages of the disease. The effect on the body of the drug is such that people cease to control themselves completely, and therefore the risk of getting into an accident, falling from a height and other fatal and traumatic cases increases. The use of drugs for alcoholism requires precise adherence to the dosage in order to exclude such cases.

There is another drug that is given to a drunk person – diphenhydramine. However, this medicine has a double unpredictable effect: it can both cause drowsiness, due to which a person falls asleep, and, conversely, increase the activity of a drunk person. Diphenhydramine has antiemetic, antiallergic, sedative and hypnotic properties. But putting a drunk person to bed with diphenhydramine does not always work.

Last on the list of drugs are antidepressants. The name speaks for itself – they are designed to calm the patient both in the clinic and at home. When taken, a person develops behavior, like a drunk person: unsteadiness of gait, confusion of speech and consciousness. The use of the drug leads to rapid falling asleep. However, the simultaneous use of antidepressants and alcohol is prohibited, as it can lead to coma and even death.

Understanding the purpose is essential. After all, not always when you drink, you want to sleep, just as aggression does not always control people in a drunken state.

The above methods will help in solving such issues as:

  • hangover insomnia (when a person cannot fall asleep after a certain amount of alcohol drunk the day before);
  • insomnia from alcohol.

Use of this information for illegal purposes is a criminal offense.

Alcoholism is not treated on its own. For a complete recovery, we recommend contacting specialized institutions.

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