The harm of alcohol to offspring in women

Unfortunately, not all women believe that alcohol negatively affects the process of conceiving, carrying and having a healthy child. But in vain. The harm of alcohol to offspring in women has serious consequences – no doubt about this has arisen for a long time.  

Is there a chance of drinking alcohol without consequences? Is it so dangerous in moderate doses? After all, there has long been an opinion that the expectant mother can easily afford to drink a glass of red wine, which increases hemoglobin, once a week. But if you consider this issue from the inside, there are many doubts about the benefits of alcohol for the normal development of the baby.

Alcohol and pregnancy planning

The harm of alcohol to offspring in women occurs if only because in the very first stages of pregnancy, when the fetus is just beginning to develop, and the placenta has not yet formed, all the alcohol drunk by the mother goes directly to the child. Therefore, for couples planning to conceive a baby, it is so important to completely abandon alcohol during this period, because a woman can learn about pregnancy only a month after conception and all the addictions that she allowed herself during this month (alcohol, cigarettes) can affect on the development of the fetus. 

In men and women who abuse alcohol, even the germ cells that carry genetic information are unhealthy and weak. There is a lot of other evidence indicating the absolute harm of alcohol to offspring in women and men during pregnancy planning. A lot of generally accepted facts should induce future parents to completely abandon alcohol during pregnancy planning.  

Alcohol is one of the most dangerous toxic substances that affect the physical and mental development of the baby in the womb. The likelihood of a threat of miscarriage increases, and in large quantities alcohol causes various abnormalities in the development of the fetus.

The child of a woman who abuses alcohol may develop fetal alcohol syndrome. This ailment can be caused even by moderate consumption of alcohol by the mother (3-4 medium doses per day). Less pronounced anomalies and malformations of the fetus also occur with the use of 2 medium doses of alcohol per day (about 28 grams).

Alcohol and fruit

Even a small amount of alcohol drunk can affect the development of internal organs in a child: the vascular system, kidneys, liver suffers, the development of the parts of the brain responsible for mental activity is impaired. Alcohol has a detrimental effect on the formation of cells in the nervous system, weakening or completely destroying them. Subsequently, such a child has problems associated with study, communication with peers, logical thinking suffers. The child of parents who like to drink is underweight, is late in development, and is prone to frequent illnesses due to a weak immune system.

Chronic alcoholism in a woman becomes the cause of the most serious consequences for the child. Often, children of alcoholics are born with various abnormal defects, such as an affected cardiovascular system, abnormal development of the limbs, craniofacial defects, intrauterine and postnatal growth retardation, poor weight gain, mental retardation, and much more.

The harm of alcohol to offspring in women can manifest itself during pregnancy, immediately after the birth of the baby, after a while. Already in the early stages of pregnancy, alcohol abuse can cause an immediate miscarriage, but most often the consequences of a mother’s addiction to alcohol appear only after the birth of a baby – the child has pathologies in the development of certain organs and tissues, and after years mental disorders become noticeable. 

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