Effects of alcohol on women

Alcoholism greatly changes the moral and physical appearance of a woman. First of all, the influence of alcohol on women is reflected in the physical appearance of the female representative. The face becomes red with bluish or purple spots, an unhealthy shine of the eyes appears, the hair is greasy and matted. Subcutaneous fat disappears, due to which the woman’s arms and legs become too muscular and lose their femininity and smoothness. Facial and body skin fading, graying and hair loss, as well as deterioration of the teeth are noticeable. The side effect of alcohol also manifests itself on the lady’s nervous system: she becomes rude, her speech is loud and nervous. If she notices a lack of attention to her, then she perceives this as disrespect for her personality.

The effect of alcohol on women is manifested in a negative effect on the work of all organs. These are diseases of the endocrine system, and cardiovascular, and digestive. The work of the kidneys, liver, etc. is impaired. Hormonal disruption in the thyroid gland leads to excess or underweight. Frequent binges can provoke the formation of a disease such as toxic alcoholic nephropathy, which is manifested by the presence of protein and blood in the urine, swelling of the face and increased blood pressure. This condition can develop into a chronic form. Each alcohol intake causes the kidney tissue to die. Further alcohol abuse can cause acute renal failure, which can be fatal.

Diseases of the urinary tract are common. This is due to the harmful effects of alcohol on women, who, being in a state of extreme intoxication, sleep on a cold floor or even on the street. All this contributes to the development of diseases such as cystitis, urethritis, pyelonephritis. Treatment of diseases is also made more difficult by the presence of several pathogens. Many alcoholics do not complete the course of treatment or continue to drink while taking medications, which lose their effectiveness, which is the reason for the transition of the disease into a chronic state.

The influence of alcohol on women is also manifested in promiscuous sexual intercourse, which becomes the cause of sexually transmitted diseases and infections. The consequence of regular libations is a decrease in libido, frigidity is formed. According to medical research, only 10% of alcoholics retain the normal functionality of the gonads. Due to the abuse of alcoholic beverages, ovarian tissue is reborn into adipose tissue, which causes the loss of the ability to become pregnant. Such mutations contribute to frequent miscarriages, the birth of inferior or stillborn children. The prevalence of male hormones over female hormones is noticeable. Hair growth is observed on the chest, buttocks, back and legs. In the case of the last stage of alcoholism, the woman stops menstruating.

Many alcoholics are faced with inflammation of the genitals. Diseases are also complicated by the fact that a woman, being intoxicated, does not feel pain and does not turn to a gynecologist in a timely manner. At this time, the disease progresses, complications appear. A relatively healthy drinking woman often becomes pregnant while under the influence of alcohol. However, this child is not needed by either the mother or the father, whom in most cases the alcoholic mother does not know. Being under the influence of alcohol on women, they go for questionable abortions, sometimes provoking miscarriages themselves, which often leads to complications, including death.

The influence of alcohol on women is also manifested in the mental plane. The mood of such women is unstable. Sullenness and thoughtfulness are suddenly replaced by hysteria: crying, screaming, breaking dishes or even those around. The alcoholic is tormented by a feeling of hopelessness, which remains even after the drunkenness. Often haunted by suicidal thoughts, which sometimes come true. Such psychoses begin earlier and are more severe than in male alcoholics. There is noticeable moral devastation, lack of concern for children or parents. Drinking women have a reduced protective reaction, there is no instinct for self-preservation, which leads them into a state of alcoholic intoxication in emergency rooms and hospitals. Alcoholics are aggressive, cruel, prone to illegal actions and can even go for murder.

The influence of alcohol on women often leads to family breakdown. The reason for this is female promiscuity. It is known that women are by nature better adapted to lead a double life. Often a fleeting drunk romance can turn into an addiction that can last for years, destroying families. A heavily drinking woman flirts and flirts with a man she likes, offering him intimacy. Alcoholics lose the trust of relatives and friends, which leads to the loss of jobs and friends. Then they finally go wild, destroying all relationships and love.

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