Advantages and disadvantages of Dovzhenko coding

The method of getting rid of addictions, invented by Dr. A. R. Dovzhenko, was tested and patented back in the 1980s. In Soviet times, it was approved because of its short duration, effectiveness, and also due to the fact that the treatment did not require additional instruments. It is equally applicable for the treatment of alcoholism, and in the fight against other addictions.

Encoding procedure

Before starting treatment, it is strongly recommended to completely abstain from alcohol for about two weeks. The coding procedure itself does not take much time, it is carried out within the framework of one session with a psychotherapist. During this session, the doctor acts on the patient with hypnosis. Dovzhenko himself said that the treatment according to his method is based on the power of the word. The word is a semantic code, and it can heal.

The period for which the client wants to give up alcohol, he chooses himself. The inventor of the method insisted on following the main principles in the approach to treatment:

  • anonymity;
  • non-violence – the method does not use aggressive techniques and treatment is not carried out without the consent of the patient;
  • partnership – the patient is actively involved in his own recovery, the doctor only helps him to create healthy guidelines;
  • respect for the personality of the patient, sincere faith in his inner strength.

In addition to the use of suggestion, Dovzhenko’s encoding can be enhanced by additional therapeutic techniques. Some specialists conduct preparatory general group sessions to enhance the effect of coding. In these sessions, people inspire each other to get rid of alcoholism, in addition, the therapist notices the individual characteristics of each patient and further treats them taking them into account. During a Dovzhenko coding session for alcoholism, some doctors use Valle irritation , exposure to chloroethyl, and other forms of short-term stress.

To “strengthen the code”, the patient is scheduled for a follow-up appointment two weeks after coding.

How the Dovzhenko method works

The author of the technique himself gives the following description of the mechanism of how the treatment takes place. Through accurate and years of practiced textual suggestion, which is carried out when a person is under shallow hypnosis. A new dominant is formed in the patient’s brain, which opposes the alcohol dominant, that is, the constant need to drink. There is, figuratively speaking, a new center of meaning -life orientation, more powerful and healthy than the desire to drink alcohol.

At the heart of any human activity is the desire to receive positive emotions or experience happiness. In an alcoholic, as in any dependent person, this basic need “clings” to the wrong image. The consequences of this are as follows: an idea is formed about alcohol as a source of this very happiness. The correct suggestion, with which the patient internally agrees, puts values in their place, and it becomes clear to a person that he dies from alcohol, and self-development and personal health is real happiness.

This is a brief theory of how Dovzhenko coding works. However, there are additional factors that make the method effective:

  • During coding, the denial of alcohol is based on the fear of death. The patient is taught that interrupting the code can have dire consequences, even death. And although in reality this is only an element of suggestion, the subconscious mind with its unexplored mechanisms can follow this suggestion, even if the person is skeptical. Such a powerful threat is impressive on a deep level.
  • The personal talent of the psychotherapist plays an important role. The creator of the method was a charismatic person and knew how to empathize, share his energy, giving impetus to recovery. It is often the therapist’s personal qualities and ability to inspire addiction treatment that are crucial.
  • Additional strength to the method is given by the “halo of glory” that has arisen around it. For a person with a strong desire to break the habit, a short, almost purely ritual impact is enough to stop forever.

Born in the field of official medicine, the method relies on really working and scientifically researched mechanisms of consciousness. But despite the simplicity of the method, the work of an unqualified specialist on it can have negative consequences. Therefore, when choosing a doctor, be very careful.

Criticism of the method

Dovzhenko coding has many opponents. Their arguments boil down to the following objections:

  • After coding, the attraction to alcohol may not disappear, but the person will experience severe stress due to the obsessive fear of dying or experiencing the negative consequences of breaking the coding. This situation leads to severe neurosis. Such treatment for alcoholism is too expensive.
  • The method does not pay due attention to the causes of alcoholism. If a person has not found his place in life, one addiction may be replaced by another, but the cause of unhealthy behavior will not go away. In this case, more complex treatment and a different approach are needed.
  • Coding according to the Dovzhenko method is not too different from some kind of magical ritual. A person is intimidated by incomprehensible techniques, the essence of the method is not explained, and part of its mechanism is even hidden from the patient.

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