Avoiding alcohol and noticeable changes in the body by day

Humanity began to consume alcohol since the first time the fermented wine juice was tasted. It was at that time that the fate of civilization changed. People began to drink, and each subsequent century, alcohol, proudly marched across new lands with a victorious step, conquering the minds and hearts of new victims with its weakness. However, whoever stopped drinking alcohol, found something to replace it, realized the consequences that he inflicts, as a rule, paid a high price, because the “green serpent” did not so easily let go of its victims. And in this regard, the question arises: is it true that the rejection of alcohol and distinct changes in the body by day is so clearly expressed in the syndrome.

If you do not drink heavily

When a person has stopped drinking, or drank little and rarely, as a rule, he will not feel bad after a table party and the recovery process will not be difficult. The liver will not hurt, the head will not “split” into a thousand pieces and there will be no desire to smoke . Yes, the consequences of course will make themselves felt, because alcohol, drunk without measure, harms the body. However, the next day, he will again feel a surge of strength, cheerful mood, strength of mind. 

Such a person will not think about the problem, giving up alcohol shortens his life, because he does not drink a lot. However, those who “dedicated” their lives to hard drinking, whose experience of alcoholism is, in fact, equal to the age – will face serious consequences. In this regard, one can even say that the habit of smoking is disgusting.

There is an opinion that if you suddenly stop drinking alcohol, you will get big health problems. The consequences will be dire as the recovery process begins. The liver will be depressed, the hangover syndrome will result in a long-term form, the person will have a severe headache, the body will begin to ache, etc. And how long it will last is unknown.

Narcologists elevate this condition into the framework of alcohol withdrawal syndrome. That is, there is a restructuring of the whole organism. And this is quite natural.

Even a month without alcohol dramatically changes the state of the body. However, those who have been drinking for decades can hardly expect immediate healing, recovery from such a long binge. All the symptoms that manifest themselves will indicate not the healing of the body, but the strongest poisoning with toxic substances.

First two days

Yes, the body of the person who quit drinking will begin to feel freer, easier, because the body will live differently. Changes await him, release from harmful substances that alcohol carries. And this recovery period will last much longer than the former alcoholic thinks. However, a year without alcohol is already a feat for many. Psychology will change much longer than, for example, changes in liver function.

The symptoms of a person who quit drinking, which until recently, a heavy drinking person experienced in reality, will remind of themselves more than once. For example, an aversion to tobacco when you want to smoke. Even in his sleep, he will often begin to feel like a lowered drunkard. That is, the healing process is not easy. If we look at the problem through the prism of time, deeply and seriously – day by day, the picture will not be rosy, but wonderful prospects will obviously be seen – a life without alcohol.

So – when a person quit drinking after a long binge.

  1. The first day. Very bad. Headache. The man remembers how much he drank during the days of binge. An ineradicable desire to get drunk. Everything around begins to annoy. Even heavy smokers do not want to smoke. Nauseous, sometimes with vomit. All symptoms indicate severe poisoning. A person, feeling such a state, is morally and physically depressed. Complete breakdown. Depression sets in, hands tremble, legs give way, body aches and aches. There is no desire to eat. It doesn’t get any easier by the end of the day.
  2. Second day. The symptoms are the same. There is no desire to smoke. The person still feels bad. My head hurts, but not so much. The hangover syndrome manifests itself in all its glory. I do not want to see anyone, sleep is interrupted, dreams are strange, turning into nightmares. The healing process was not even outlined. Food is disgusting. I just want to drink. By the end of the day, symptoms persist. For some, the liver begins to ache.

Feeling symptoms these days, you can get a little drunk to relieve the condition and eat. Food saturated with vitamins, proteins and carbohydrates is a must after a long binge.

Third and fourth day

It is not recommended to replace a small dose of alcohol during this period with anything. Coffee and strong tea are excluded as well as a bath or sauna.

  1. Day three. Hangover symptoms cannot be changed. I also don’t really want to smoke. The person feels completely overwhelmed. Reacts to every sound. On this day, there is a slight restructuring of the body. Recovery begins, the head aches slightly, dizziness is observed. How much is drunk – causes a grin. The night is not well tolerated. There is a risk of catching a squirrel.
  2. Day four. I want to smoke a little. Light appetite wakes up. The hangover syndrome gradually goes away. However, the liver still hurts. Food is poorly tolerated, but it is imperative to eat, at least with water.

How long does it take to get out of the binge is a rhetorical question. You can always replace alcohol with something useful, find yourself in something important. A person is so constructed that the liver and other organs will recover. The hangover will go away and the negative symptoms will disappear. Yes, recovery from such a disease is a long process and will require a lot of energy.

A strong-minded person will independently cope with all difficulties, despite the belief that it is dangerous to stop drinking abruptly. Others will face disappointment and struggle for a healthy lifestyle. Meanwhile, within a few days we can talk about improvements.

  1. After 6-7 days after the final drink, the hangover syndrome will disappear. The thoughts in your head will be clear and pure. Sleep will normalize, the epithelium will turn white, hydrated, the liver will recover, but partially after prolonged exposure to alcohol, digestive problems will disappear. The body will recover.
  2. Two weeks later. We can talk about the restoration of the heart rate, brain function. Pressure decreases, dizziness disappears. Shortness of breath disappears, the liver begins to heal.

The expression – refusal from alcohol leads to early death is fundamentally wrong. It doesn’t matter how much was drunk before recovery. The factor of complete rejection of alcohol in the future is of great importance. Of course, you can smoke after a binge, but if the body is weakened, it is better not to do this. 

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