Alcohol helps the brain to function

Most often, we hear that alcohol is harmful to health. And this is true if alcohol is taken in large quantities and regularly. A habit is developed to it, which negatively affects all systems of the body. A new study from the University of Texas at Austin says alcohol improves synaptic activity in certain parts of the brain. But not all alcohol, but only the one that has undergone repeated distillation. Neuroscientist Hitoshi Morikawa emphasizes that drinking alcohol, on the one hand, is bad for health and memory, and on the other hand, ethanol has a positive effect on simple parts of the brain.

This scientist says that learning and memorization is a conscious process. Alcohol slows down this conscious process, because a drunken person may not remember where he left the car in the morning. But learning also occurs on a subconscious level, and alcohol increases this physical ability to learn at a level below the conscious level. Research has shown that ethanol in alcoholic beverages improves synaptic plasticity in key areas of the brain, meaning drug addicts and alcoholics are just as capable of learning as ordinary people.

The scientist says that people who drink alcohol have more subconscious memories and subconscious preferences in food, music, and certain communication. This happens because alcohol releases dopamine in the body, which strengthens the positions of the synapses, which are responsible for remembering and learning. The more a person drinks, the more dopamine is produced, and the more synapses and pleasure centers a person activates. Because of this, he develops certain addictions and tastes, a person learns.

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