Beer saturates the body with collagen

Much has been said about the dangers of beer. However, “the devil is not so terrible as he is painted.” The main thing is to know in all measure. Including drinking beer. What are the beneficial properties of the intoxicated drink?

A group of researchers from Germany found that natural high-quality beer prevents brittle bones and tooth enamel. The fact is that beer contains barley, the derivatives of which have a positive effect on bone tissue.

Researchers at the University of Berlin in the course of the study proved that derivatives of natural barley compounds have the ability to prevent the development of osteoporosis – bone damage, in which the risk of bone fractures and destruction of tooth enamel is sharply increased. Silicon, which is part of natural barley, activates the production of collagen fibers in the body. Namely, collagen is a building material for bone and joint tissues. It has been found that the best absorption of collagen occurs with the use of light varieties of intoxicating drink.

However, the authors of the study did not fail to recall that excessive beer consumption leads to the development of beer alcoholism, pancreatic lesions and a decrease in testosterone concentration in males. A harmless dose of beer per day is considered – for men no more than one liter of beer, for women no more than half a liter.  

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