The rise in prices for alcohol will increase the level of drug addiction

Recently, the question of the rise in prices for alcoholic beverages has been increasingly raised. Thus, it is expected to achieve a reduction in the level of alcoholism among the population. However, according to the results of a recent study organized by American experts, it became clear that this was not the case.

Probably, due to the rise in the price of alcohol, someone will reduce its use. Meanwhile, the majority, especially the young population, due to the inability to purchase alcohol, replaces it with drugs – ecstasy and marijuana.

According to the authors of the study, the government’s policy can be interpreted as follows – the authorities are forcing the population to switch from one addiction, the products of which are subject to state quality control, to another addiction – drug addiction. But, of course, no one checks for quality, neither marijuana, nor ecstasy, nor other illegal drugs. Accordingly, such a measure may have even more negative consequences.

The organizers of the social experiment directly state that the alcohol sold in stores to the young population of the country undergoes thorough quality control of the products. Meanwhile, after the introduction of a ban on it, alcohol will simply go into the category of “illegal” drugs, which adolescents and young people will pump themselves up. The danger of this behavior is that after taking light drugs, a person, as a rule, switches to more serious drugs.

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