How can you quickly remove alcohol from the body at home?

One of the unpleasant consequences of drunkenness, holidays and a feast is the state of alcoholic intoxication. Often relaxing in a company, people do not control how much alcohol-containing products are drunk, as a result of which the human body experiences discomfort. Therefore, the question of how to quickly remove alcohol from the body is relevant not only for people who abuse alcohol, but also for ordinary people who rarely drink.

The process of removing alcohol from the body

To understand how to cleanse the body of alcohol at home, you need to know the main ways of removing alcohol-containing products. Cleansing the body of alcohol at home is a laborious process in which almost all organs are involved. One part of excretion occurs by alcohol oxidation, the rest is excreted unchanged in the urine.

Only 30% of alcohol can be excreted by the body through the pores of the skin through the work of the lungs and kidneys. The remaining 70% of alcohol is eliminated in a more difficult way, namely by metabolism in the liver. The liver breaks down ethyl alcohol into a poisonous compound – acetaldehyde, due to which, as a result of excessive drinking, liver disease (cirrhosis) appears. 

How much alcohol is approximately excreted from the body:

  • women – 0.07-0.1 ppm per hour;
  • men – 0.1-0.18 ppm per hour.

Alcohol-containing products are removed from the female body much more slowly, the process takes a long time, in contrast to the male. After all, it is not for nothing that there is an opinion that female alcoholism is incurable, therefore, women are advised to avoid excessive consumption of alcohol-containing products.

Providing medical care for cleansing the body

Since it is impossible to influence the liver and blood at home, in order to remove the body at home, attention is often focused on the kidneys and lungs. One of the most common ways to cleanse the body of alcohol is with a drip.

The usual dropper includes:

  • vitamins of group B and C;
  • insulin;
  • glucose;
  • medicinal product of the “Reamberin” type.

To use this method of cleansing the body, the presence of medical personnel is required, thus, it will not be possible to do without calling a doctor at home. Calling medical personnel to remove alcohol at home is a rather expensive service, how much you have to pay for it depends on the qualifications and specialization of the clinic.

It must be remembered that a dropper for the purpose of removing alcohol-containing agents serves solely to cleanse the body, and does not save you from alcoholism. For the treatment of alcoholism, a longer course of recovery is required. In the case of severe alcohol intoxication, bordering on loss of consciousness or coma, as well as in case of suspicion of alcohol poisoning, you must immediately call an ambulance.

Removing alcohol at home

If it is not possible to call a specialist at home, you can resort to some tricks. In most cases, it takes time to remove alcohol at home when the drink is already starting to leave the body, but the hangover has not yet arrived, or not for severe degrees of intoxication.

In these cases, the following methods can be applied at home:

  • pour cold water from the shower of a drunk person or at least wet his head, ice water is a very good sobering-up agent for the house;
  • brush your teeth with mint toothpaste, or drink a mint drink;
  • drinking plenty of fluids, you can drink milk, it reduces the rate of absorption of alcoholic substances and neutralizes toxins.

When the stage of intoxication is more severe and it is not possible to bring a person into feelings by the above methods at home, one can resort to alkaline drinking.

Dissolve a tablespoon of salt in warm water (at the rate of about 1 liter) and drink in small sips. At this moment, it is desirable that the person resorting to alkaline drinking be near the toilet room, since the main function of such a drink is to clear the stomach until the alcohol has time to be absorbed into it and penetrate into all organs.

Recovery from alcoholic intoxication

The body is recovering after alcohol for a long time, the full recovery of the body after alcohol occurs not even the next day and certainly affects all spheres of life. As a result of prolonged use, not only brain cells suffer, but especially the liver. Therefore, when recovering, it is very important to properly clean this organ. It is much more difficult for women to recover and cleanse the body after drinking than for men. No matter how much you restore the body, the consequences of drunkenness are reflected on it and are irreparable, thus, it is almost impossible to completely recover.

Eliminating alcohol completely is the first step to recovery. How long it will take to completely remove alcohol from the body depends on your individual characteristics. After a while, you need to clean the entire internal system, for this it is recommended to follow a diet. Do not eat foods that are too heavy, sweet or spicy. It is necessary to include in the diet more fiber and vitamins . A day after drinking, you can go to the bathhouse or sauna, increased sweating will speed up the process of removing alcohol and restoring functions. You can avoid the unpleasant consequences of drinking by drinking alcohol-containing drinks in moderation. 

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