How can I get out of hard drinking at home urgently?

How to get out of hard drinking at home urgently? Alcoholism is a serious disease that affects not only the health of the drinker, but also the emotional state of his family members. Regular and prolonged use of alcohol can lead to binge drinking, which provokes intoxication of the body, resulting in mental illness, somatic and vegetative disorders. Relatives are trying in every possible way to get the drinker out of hard drinking.

What does the family need to know?

A binge is a long-term continuous use of alcoholic beverages, which can last from several days to several months. With each such binge, the problem is aggravated, and the alcohol addict continues to harm his health.

Often alcoholics do not recognize the problem, thereby refusing to accept help with binge drinking. But every day with each drunk dose of alcohol, it becomes more difficult to get out of this state. If the drinker has no desire to stop drinking, then it will be much more difficult for relatives to establish contact with the person in order to convince him. Some family members try to get rid of alcohol addiction without the knowledge of the patient.

Close people should not put pressure on the drinker. They should talk to him soberly and explain that he is sliding into the abyss, sometimes from which there is no way out. There are many ways to get out of alcohol binge at home, but relatives need to remember an important rule: if binge drinking lasts a long time, then you can’t abruptly give up alcohol, otherwise it can seriously harm the drinker.

What you need to remember relatives of an alcoholic before withdrawing from hard drinking:

  1. It is required to limit the alcohol addict in a binge from contact with his drinking companions as much as possible.
  2. Do not make scandals, with your tantrums you will provoke an attack of aggression in the drinker, because he is not fully aware of his actions and does not control his behavior. Try to pick up the remnants of alcohol from an alcoholic in a non-emotional setting, it is better to wait for a neutral case.
  3. Let the alcoholic oversleep, after sleep his behavior will be more adequate. With a fresh mind, he will more easily accept your conversation with him and will not be able to refuse help. If necessary, talk to him about treatment with a narcologist.
  4. Be on the lookout: the drinker may experience a hangover that needs help to eliminate.

If the case is not completely neglected, then you can try to get a person out of hard drinking at home. To do this, postpone your affairs for 3-4 days, as you will need some time to help an alcohol addict . While the patient is sleeping, prepare folk remedies for binge drinking. Boil beef or pork broth, prepare dairy products, apple juice, lemon and mineral water. And also do not forget to go to the pharmacy for activated charcoal, hepatoprotectors, drugs for the heart and stomach.

First aid for drinking

Long-term use of alcoholic beverages greatly affects the health and well-being of the patient due to the fact that intoxication of the body occurs. A sharp refusal of alcohol can provoke a heart attack or delirium tremens. In order to independently help the drinker to free himself from the shackles of alcoholic beverages, it is necessary to act decisively.

When a patient has an irresistible desire to drink, he feels anxiety, severe anxiety, unsatisfactory well-being, the psyche is disturbed. Relatives should help the alcoholic overcome this desire. Withdrawal from hard drinking at home, as a rule, occurs with folk remedies or drugs.

In order to physiologically alleviate the condition of an alcohol addict , it is necessary first of all to urgently take away alcohol from him and in every possible way prevent him from drinking again. Let the alcoholic sleep. Provide peace and quiet during his sleep. In this way, he will be able to overcome cravings for alcohol. Sleeping pills can be given to the drinker to improve sleep, but make sure that he does not drink them along with alcohol.

Provide the patient with sufficient fluids. This will help remove toxins and alleviate the condition. Diuretic drugs or decoctions of herbs with a diuretic effect will also be useful.

The interruption of drinking at home should be carried out with products that will help to quickly remove ethyl alcohol from the body, thereby facilitating the well-being of the drinker. Strong tea, milk with honey, kefir, hot soup in fatty broth will help to fill the lack of nutrients in the body and remove toxins.

How to stop drinking? Distract the alcoholic from this evil activity through outdoor activities, exercise, interesting activities, and new activities. The patient should be distracted, switch his attention to useful activities. Physical exercises help to improve blood circulation in the body and accelerate metabolic processes, which leads to a faster removal of alcohol decay products.

Particular attention should be paid to psychological support for alcohol addicts when withdrawal from binge is carried out. There is no need to indulge the sick. And just follow his actions and categorically prohibit the use of even low-alcohol drinks. Go for a walk together to avoid contact with drinking buddies, and be sure to conduct preventive conversations so that he understands that drunken alcoholism has touched his life and his family with all the ensuing consequences.

Folk remedies to help

How to get your husband out of a binge? In folk medicine, there are many ways to get rid of hard drinking with folk remedies. These methods must be carried out at the stage when alcohol leaves the body.

An instant withdrawal from hard drinking at home is the use of ammonia. The substance will help to bring the alcoholic out of hard drinking if you drink it for the first 3 days. Before eating, you need to drink a glass of water, adding 5 drops of ammonia to the water. In parallel with this remedy, you should drink a glass of water with 20 drops of mint tincture every 1.5-2 hours.

How to stop drinking? In an alcohol addict , this can be done independently by decoction of herbs. Collect equal amounts of yarrow, wormwood, St. John’s wort, mint, and 2 times more juniper berries, angelica root and calamus. Pour boiling water over the collection of herbs and let it brew for an hour. It is necessary to drink a decoction of 10 glasses a day.

The treatment of hard drinking is carried out with velvet flowers. Put 15 g of plant inflorescences in a cup, pour 1 liter of water and boil. Then strain the broth and add another 3 g of flowers. Place the product in a dark place for 3 hours. The drinker should drink a glass 5 times a day until getting rid of binge.

The following remedy will help to get out of binge without the knowledge of the patient. It is necessary to collect 20-30 green bugs that live on raspberry bushes and place them in a bottle of vodka. Vodka should stand for 3 days, after which the bugs should be removed from the bottle. If an alcoholic drinks 50 g of such vodka, then his health will worsen and he will lose the desire to drink.

Lemon is used as a remedy for binge drinking at home. Take 3 lemons, cut them into small pieces and boil in 1 liter of water for half an hour. When the decoction has cooled, it is necessary to strain it and give the alcoholic 4 sips to drink as often as possible. The tool will help remove toxins from the body.

There is an operational way that will help you stop binge drinking at home. To do this, add 1 tsp to 1 liter of water. sugar, 0.5 tsp. salt, on the tip of a spoonful of soda, 2 tbsp. l. lemon juice and 1 ampoule of vitamin B6. Such a tool will perfectly replace the famous Regidron .

Medical therapy

Many drugs for alcohol dependence are dispensed only by prescription from a narcologist. But there are more affordable medications that will help you get rid of binge at home. Most often, sorbents, sedatives, hepatoprotectors, medicines for the treatment of the stomach and heart remedies are used.

First of all, the interruption of hard drinking at home occurs with sorbents. The most famous drug in this group is activated charcoal, it is drunk at the rate of 1 tablet per 10 kg of weight. There are more effective substitutes for it, such as Regidron , Polysorb , Enterosgel , Polyphepan .

As a sedative and to stabilize the emotional state, you can use Glycine, which must be taken every 1.5-2 hours. The drug is well tolerated and does not cause side effects.

How to get out of binge at home? It is necessary to take hepatoprotectors to restore liver function. Essentiale forte, Antral , Gepabene , Karsil are perfect for this purpose .

For the heart, you should drink Valocordin, Corvalol, and for the stomach – Pancreatin, Mezim . These drugs are taken as needed.

Excretion from binge occurs with diuretics, which are necessary to quickly eliminate toxins from the body. Hypothiazid and Furosemide will perfectly cope with this task.

The safest way out of binge is the hospitalization of an alcohol addict in a drug clinic.

The doctor will select the treatment according to an individual scheme. But remember that stopping drinking does not solve the whole problem, a person must stop drinking forever. And for this you need to have the desire to get rid of addiction.

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