Treatment of alcoholism abroad

Alcoholism is not just an addiction, not just an addiction that destroys a person’s life. This is a severe, difficult to treat disease that destroys the patient’s body from the inside, harming not only himself, but also those around him – relatives, friends, relatives. Getting rid of alcohol addiction on your own is almost impossible. If this problem has acquired catastrophic proportions, experts recommend treating alcoholism abroad , despite the fact that clinics in our country also have special clinics to help people with pathological addictions. 

Difficulties of treating alcoholic patients

What these recommendations are based on is not difficult to understand. First, even with the highest quality of medical and psychological care that an alcoholic patient can receive in his homeland, the realities surrounding him remain unchanged. That is, leaving the clinic, the patient will immediately find himself in a familiar environment, to meet with friends who, willy-nilly, will become “provocateurs” of his early return to the old lifestyle. And all the expensive treatment, for obvious reasons, will soon be reduced to zero.

Secondly, the level of development of medicine, the resources at the disposal of medical institutions in countries such as Israel, Germany, the United States are much higher than in our country. The degree of training and qualification of professionals engaged in directed treatment for alcoholism abroad also much better quality than the Russian doctors.   

Thirdly, abroad, special programs have been developed to help patients with alcohol or drug addiction, an individual approach is applied to each patient, the opportunity to communicate (Germany, Israel) in Russian is provided, special rehabilitation programs have been developed that help to start life anew, excluding alcohol from everyday life once and forever.

Features of treatment abroad

There is no need to repeat once again that alcohol is a poison, a toxin that leads to dysfunction of the most important systems and organs of the human body. It affects the heart, kidneys, liver, and brain. It causes serious diseases, which often have irreversible consequences both on the physical and psychological levels.

The peculiarities of treatment of alcoholic patients in rehabilitation centers of foreign countries provide for the combined use of systematic drug treatment and cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy.

The first stage of such treatment is the removal of withdrawal symptoms and intoxication of the patient’s body by using a complex of medications, the selection of which is carried out individually after a thorough study of the patient’s condition. Simultaneously with drug therapy, doctors conduct a detailed examination of the patient’s body in order to identify violations of the functions of internal organs due to the destructive effects of alcohol. If any diseases are detected ( cirrhosis of the liver, myocardial dystrophy, alcoholic hepatitis, etc.), appropriate treatment of the detected diseases is carried out.

The second stage of treatment for alcoholism abroad is a course of psychotherapy. Special techniques are used, the purpose of which is to form the patient’s adequate behavior, to create a real assessment of his own life and the world around him. The program of individual psychotherapeutic sessions and group sessions with a psychologist helps patients develop self-discipline, responsibility for their own actions.  

It should be noted that the second stage – psychological rehabilitation – lasts much longer than drug treatment. Moreover, even after completing the full course and returning safely to their homeland, patients receive the necessary ” post-rehabilitation ” consultations over the phone or by communicating via the Internet, online.

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