What to do and what to do in case of alcohol poisoning?

Severe alcohol poisoning is not uncommon. Tens of thousands of people are poisoned with singed vodka, wine, and low-quality beer. If a person is poisoned, and all the symptoms are observed, you need to immediately take therapy measures, drink white coal in order to remove the elements of alcohol decomposition from the body as soon as possible. An ambulance will also help when the patient’s condition is critical. To the question of what to do in case of alcohol poisoning, everyone must know the answer, since it is not known when this specific knowledge will be required. The first-aid kit should always contain: activated charcoal, tablets, drugs and other medicines that can be quickly taken and get rid of poisoning.

Quick help

Alcohol poisoning of the body can be mild or severe. When a little is drunk, a limited amount of alcohol penetrates into the body, and, as you know, it can be different – drinking and technical. But all the same, even from the most “high-quality” alcohol they poison themselves so that the next day, after a fun feast, they end up in the intensive care unit. People destroy their bodies for the most part with various surrogates. When there are symptoms of poisoning, how much was drunk, it is too late to ask. It is necessary to start treatment, that is, first aid will be required for alcohol poisoning.  

  1. Cleanse your stomach quickly. An excellent remedy helps – potassium permanganate. Dilute 3-4 drops per liter and then give the victim a drink.
  2. Find a package of activated charcoal and suggest taking the tablets by mouth as a therapy. The calculation is taken – one piece per 10 kilograms of weight.
  3. If the poisoning is too severe, other treatment will be required, for example, complex therapy with the use of droppers.

When a person goes through all the circles of the hell of alcohol poisoning, the next time he will think carefully whether to take alcohol on his chest, drink or not. Severe alcohol poisoning of the body usually occurs after a long binge, when a person deigned to drink for a long time and severely. In addition to a weakened organism, the emergence of serious pathologies, he receives the most complex intoxication and in some cases detoxification prolongation is complicated by a slow metabolism.

With persistent alcoholism, symptoms of poisoning may last longer than usual. However, measures must still be taken. After a binge, you should give activated charcoal, tablets, drugs, that is, start treatment. If in the process of home therapy the patient does not feel better, nothing helps, urgent medical attention will be required.

Next, the poisoned person will receive a course of therapy:

  • identify the symptoms;
  • will give you a drink of activated carbon;
  • means to cleanse the digestive tract;
  • will prescribe a comprehensive treatment, drugs and medicines.

In general, inpatient detoxification therapy has a positive effect on people admitted with poisoning. Although there are many cases when alcoholism became the cause of death and then it does not matter how much and what a person drank.

Home remedies for poisoning

Activated charcoal is excellent for alcohol poisoning, which also occurs in low-drinkers. You can be accommodated in a hospital bed in two cases: to sort out alcohol or drink low-quality alcohol. In the second example, small doses will suffice. What to do in this case? The first duty is to assess the state of the body. For this, there is emergency help if a person cannot determine the state of health on his own.

Next, the answer will be given to the question of what to do in case of alcohol poisoning.

  • If you can get rid of the ailment at home, and this is usually indicated by the emergency nurse, you should begin to treat your body. Drink drugs, tablets, activated carbon in order to remove toxins from cells as quickly as possible, get rid of poisons, fusel oils.
  • It helps well with treatment – potassium permanganate. A weak solution of potassium permanganate is diluted and taken orally, 2-3 glasses per day.
  • Another effective treatment is an enema. It certainly helps cleanse the body of alcohol breakdown products.
  • Detoxification therapy also includes drinking plenty of fluids. You need to drink a lot to free the stomach from harmful substances and preferably boiled water so as not to provoke diarrhea.

In principle, it is not necessary to promptly call an ambulance if the symptoms are minor. But in the home first-aid kit there should always be remedies for poisoning, including acute, alcoholic ones, and these are: potassium permanganate, activated charcoal, pills and medicines that, if necessary, could be quickly taken.

It is also allowed to treat poisoning in a hospital. There are all the necessary funds and medicines. To remove toxins and toxins from the body, they drink drugs belonging to the pharmacological group of sorbents. They bind and remove accumulated harmful substances. After a complex of therapy, a person will immediately feel better.

You will also have to drink the same activated carbon, other anti-poisoning agents to remove all the poisons: white coal, tablets, auxiliary drugs, and other effective medicines. Within the walls of a hospital, alcohol detoxification is much faster than treatment at home. However, not every poisoned person is in a hurry to treat poisoning outside his home. In most cases, people resort to traditional medicine and instead of activated charcoal, after prolonged fun, they remember the “grandmother’s” recipes.

What to eat after a meal

It makes sense to note that the gifts of nature save well from alcohol intoxication, like pills and drugs. For example, you can treat alcohol poisoning with strawberries. Also, folk first aid for alcohol poisoning is cabbage juice, beets, cucumber pickle. Despite the widespread belief about the weak benefits of these drinks, nevertheless, they help to “start” the stomach and normalize the digestive tract. Also, a certain rate of activated carbon will help to remove the decomposition products of alcohol.

Foods that contain a lot of fiber take pride of place. They not only bind harmful substances, but also speed up the metabolism. It is worth paying attention to cereals, vegetables and fruits, especially tomatoes and tomato juice. Pectin also helps cleanse the body. There is a lot of it in black currants, raspberries, apricots, carrots. As already noted, water is an excellent remedy against poisoning. When the “holiday is a success”, the next morning you must drink a lot. Better if it is mineral water. However, sweet weak tea cannot be ignored either. 

Granulated sugar is an important food product. It contains a lot of carbohydrates, starch, sucrose, which is broken down into glucose and fructose in the digestive system.

All these substances are essential for a poisoned brain. They will begin to nourish the cells, providing the body with the necessary energy. In addition to the usual means: activated carbon, drugs and other drugs, folk recipes will also help to remove toxins from the body. Squeeze lemon juice into a bowl, add mineral water, mint and honey. Drink the infusion on the day of poisoning before and after meals.

Some people recommend treating alcohol poisoning, including hangovers, with a bath. If a person has equine health, then bath procedures will naturally help, but for people who are not confident in their abilities, it is better to bypass the bath with a hangover. The maximum that is allowed is a slightly cool or contrasting shower. And, of course, activated carbon as additional measures. First aid for alcohol poisoning should be provided quickly, and treatment should be effective. 

If you do not take complex therapy, intoxication will last longer than usual, and this is with mild malaise. That is, you must definitely drink white or activated carbon – tablets. In case of severe poisoning, an ambulance should be called immediately. Well, after the final recovery, pause for several weeks so that the body can recover, and it is better not to drink at all.

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