How is the body recovering after giving up alcohol?

Such a process, as the restoration of the body after giving up alcohol, is quite lengthy. It must be remembered that if alcohol is eliminated from the daily diet of a person, a huge number of changes can be observed in his body. And it seems that the human body is recovering very quickly, and the state of health itself is improving. However, unfortunately, it happens differently.

Doctors called this condition a syndrome of refusal from alcoholic beverages. If you suddenly stop drinking alcohol, the person may not feel very well. During this period, the former alcoholic is gradually recovering the activity of many systems that have ceased to function against the background of daily abuse.

The weakened body after prolonged libations will return to normal in about a year. However, the mental state is normalized after a longer period. Even if you spend a year without alcohol, not in all cases you can get the desired result. This phenomenon can be explained by the effect of alcohol on the brain. Even low drinkers do not understand that by drinking alcohol every day, they destroy brain cells. However, for absolutely incomprehensible reasons, after giving up alcohol, the priority is to treat the liver.

Recovery periods of the body

After the elimination of alcohol dependence in all systems of the human body, metabolic processes are established and health is restored. After the alcoholic does not drink alcohol for 7 days, his skin condition will improve and his sleep will be calmer. Almost always, a complete rejection of alcohol gives a person a much-needed boost of energy and cheerfulness. The patient will not suffer from heartburn and stomach discomfort.

When a person quit drinking rather abruptly, the clarity of thought processes is gradually restored, headaches disappear, brain activity becomes better, dizziness is eliminated, shortness of breath disappears.

When a month passes without alcohol, a person can lose very much weight, since alcoholic beverages are high in calories, and the so-called products of alcoholic decay are gradually removed from the brain cells.

By breaking free from addiction, you can restore your intimate life and your emotional state. If alcohol leaves the blood quickly, then it can leave the brain only after 30 days.

Measures to restore the body after a binge

After a person has stopped drinking, the consequences can be very unpleasant, since the body needs time to recover. No matter how much alcohol is drunk on a regular basis, everyone can cope with attraction if they show all their willpower. Quitting alcohol is a very important step.

It is when you quit drinking that you need to think about future improvements. It is very difficult for those people who, with the help of daily libations, liberated themselves, improved their mood and became active. Such people can gradually eliminate alcohol, but for them it is the real stress. They definitely need psychological support from relatives and friends, as well as the help of correctly selected medications that help speed up the recovery of the body. And we must remember that the organs affected by alcohol are renewed in different ways.

Each person, starting to drink alcohol, should remember what consequences this has on the body. Almost all former alcoholics are concerned about whether liver cells can fully recover after a person finds the strength not to drink. It is very interesting that this organ tends to regenerate. If an alcoholic changes his mind and decides to permanently exclude alcoholic beverages from his life, then very soon he will not feel how his liver hurts. It is necessary to try to restore, relax and cleanse such an important organ.

In order for positive changes in the body to occur, the principles of nutrition should be revised. It is necessary to exclude fried and fatty foods from the diet. You can not eat food all day, which contains flavor enhancers, aromatic additives and preservatives so common today.

To restore a person, the diet must be filled with foods that have fiber and vitamin elements, which will help cleanse the liver as quickly as possible.

Renewal of the kidneys, brain and pancreas

When a person stops drinking, a headache hurts, but this problem can be solved. In addition, too much alcohol dependence negatively affects kidney function. Because of this, insufficiency of this organ may develop, and pain in the lower back appears. At the bottom of the container in which urine is given, sediment can be detected. All of the above problems occur after toxic alcoholic substances are deposited on the renal structures.

For a person, avoiding alcohol will lead to a complete restoration of kidney function. To speed up this process, you should balance the daily diet, lead an active lifestyle, and also walk more in the fresh air.

The attending physician will tell the patient if it is possible to stop drinking abruptly. However, you need to remember that this will require faith in yourself and patience. It is important to remember that the processes of restoring the normal state of the brain, for example, in almost all cases are triggered about 14 days after stopping alcohol.

Doctors say that if you stop drinking alcoholic beverages that destroy the human brain, then this organ can still be saved. Full recovery can be achieved in about a year. Regularly consuming healthy food, a person gradually renews his body.

After stopping long-term alcohol use, the pancreas should be restored, as it suffers greatly from large amounts of ethanol. The most important thing is not to drink. Doctors recommend:

  • include olive oil, lard or fish in the daily diet;
  • eat less, but more often;
  • do not combine foods that overload the pancreas;
  • 30 minutes before meals, drink a glass of purified water.

A person learns about what happens to the body after all the necessary procedures in about a month: his condition will improve.

Medication and psychological support

To help the body recover as quickly as possible, pharmaceutical products should be used. The doctor will calculate the daily intake of such medications as, for example, Gepabene, Essentiale, Enerliv, Karsil. Vitamin complexes containing thiamine will be very useful.

If a person quit drinking and smoking, the consequences will not be long in coming. And besides taking medications, he needs psychological help. It is very important to consult professional psychologists and support loved ones, since very often former alcoholics suffer from depression.

Some share this experience: “In order to restore my mental health, I take quite strong drugs and I feel quite healthy.” But this should not be abused, since these funds have a bad effect on the central nervous system. It is better not to be lazy, but to undergo a course of treatment with an experienced psychologist who will help and bring a person out of a state of depression. Most importantly, replace alcohol with drinks that will benefit you.

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